35 community leaders elected for Kabul City: Municipality



At least 35 community leaders were appointed after being elected by communities in 10 Police Districts (PDs) of Kabul city, the Municipality said.

Several individuals competed in each community to become the leader of the community.

“After the political changes, there have been 35 elections and 35 community leaders have been appointed. When the people complain about a community leader, or a community leader dies or steps down, there will be an election,” said Niamat Barikzai, a spokesman for the Kabul municipality.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents welcomed the holding of an election for the selection of the community leaders.

“There are some issues which cannot be solved without the presence of a community leader. For example, if a robbery happens, or a person is killed, or someone is purchasing a property,” said Abdul Rahim, a participant.

“Overall, at the government level, we have achieved 26 percent of the 36 percent,” said deputy minister of women affairs, Sphzhmai Wardak.

“Women’s roles must be increased from 30 percent, this is not enough,” said women’s rights activist, Saleha Eshaqzai Khaliqi.

This development takes place at a time when government leaders recently made two major appointments, including the appointment of Adela Raz, as Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations and Roya Rahmani as Afghan ambassador to the US.

“We call on our community leader—who was elected today—to provide the people with their rights,” said Mohammad Hassan Alami, a participant.

The Kabul Municipality said it will monitor the activities of the community leaders and if the people complain about the community leaders, they will face legal actions.—Tolonews


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