2nd Pakistan Energy Reform Summit held


To tap into the new era of the country’s energy, the 2nd Pakistan Energy Reforms Summit 2020 (PERS-2022) was held here this week, Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

The aim of the Summit was to help revitalize the energy and power sector in Pakistan by attracting multilateral cooperation of innovation and investment in a diverse energy mix.

There were more than 50 speakers including officials of Chinese companies, around 400 delegates and over 30 sponsors and exhibitors.

Speakers highlighted the importance of renewable energy in the modern era and shared ideas and proposals on how Pakistan can achieve the target of 30% renewable energy in total power generation by 2030.

They emphasized over the expansion of renewable energy in Pakistan’s energy mix and encouraged supporting independent power producers in solar energy.

Hashim Raza, CEO K-Solar (China) said that it is time to increase solar power generation in Pakistan. The expansion of solar power will not only enable Pakistan to meet its growing demand of power but will also help support the issue of climate change.

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