144th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal Iqbal’s ideas resulted in realization of separate homeland for Muslims

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Muslim Institute, in connection with the 144th birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, organized a Seminar on Allama Muhammad Iqbal – Thought & Influence.

Amongst distinguished speakers were Dewan of Junagadh State and Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Kistafin, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Khazar Farhado, Prof Dr Safeer Awan, Pro-Rector NUML Prof Dr Aalia Sohail Khan, Former VC, Rawalpindi Women University Prof Dr Ayub Sabir and writer and analyst Prof Dr. Muhammad Jaleel Aali.

They said Iqbal’s ideas took the hearts and souls of common, intellectuals as well as politically active Muslims and resulted in realization of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the time when geographical, linguistic and racial nationalism was on its peak. Even in India, the propaganda of Indian nationalism was on rise at that time.

However, due to strength of Iqbal’s message we succeeded to defeat such a big political fraud. That is why Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once asserted that if he had to make a choice between the works of Iqbal and the rulership of the state, he would prefer the former.

We see realization across the world about depth and strength of Iqbal’s message. His works have been translated in tens of languages across the world. That not only lead the way of academic research on his works but also influenced people across the world.

It is his quest for knowledge of the east and the west. In his masterpiece writing Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam, he has referred the works of 34 western scholars out of which 24 were his contemporary.

He has given more than 127 references from the Holy Quran as his sole source of inspiration was the Holy Quran.

Speakers urged that our education system must get maximum benefit from the philosophy and teachings of Allama Iqbal and must be included in our syllabus.

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