10th African Islamic Finance Summit will be hosted in Smiling Cost of West Africa



10th African Islamic Finance Summit (AIFS) will be held in The Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center, The Gambia on 22nd February 2022 with two-days post event workshop. The main objective of this event is to designate the significance of Islamic finance, its sustainability, impact on economy and society and opportunities for Africa.

West Africa is the emerging market for Islamic Banking and Finance, Anglophone countries Nigeria and Francophone Senegal are the hub, those are playing distinguish role. AlHuda CIBE in reference to its legacy for the promotion of Islamic Finance Industry, by considering the significance of Francophone countries going to host this event in French Language too.

It will be a great opportunity for French speaking nations to participate and explore the opportunities for sustainable socio-economic ventures. The supporters for this event are Egyptian Islamic Finance Association, Heeno International and Microlab Association, the media partners are Micro Capital, Financial IT, IFING Media etc. The Lead Sponsor for this event is Arila Business Management Services Nigeria, and Exhibition sponsor is Forward Enterprise.

Muhammad Zubair Mughal Chief Executive Officer AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics-United Arab Emirates organizer of this event mentioned that Africa is the second largest destination for Islamic Finance Industry.

Anglophone countries have advantages in terms of human resource, literature availability and experts availability, while Francophone countries facing many constraints for human resources, literatures, experts and accessibility to advance markets.

By understanding these challenges, AlHuda CIBE is creating this opportunity in French Language as well, he believes it will play important role for creating awareness, conceptual framework and from where they can initiate.

He is very swayed about African leaders that they are moving in right direction for the development of the region and they will consider significance of Islamic financial system for their socio-economic objectives.—Financial IT