1.35m patients including 30,000 Afghans receive treatment at HMC


Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC), Peshawar treated 1.35 million patients in its Medical Teaching Institution (MTI), 390,000 in the Institute of Kidney Disease (IKD), and 60,000 in Burn and Plastic Surgery Center during the last year. The HMC Spokesperson on Tuesday said that more than 800,000 patients were brought to HMC’s accident and emergency department, while 30,000 Afghans benefited from the health facilities at the hospital.

Some 550,000 people received OPD while 40,000 people received treatment through Sehat Sahulat Programme, on which more than Rs 1280 million was spent. He informed 102,507 patients were admitted to HMC Peshawar for various medical facilities while more than 50,000 surgeries were performed, including more than 20,000 major surgeries. More than 30 percent of patients were referred to HMC from other hospitals of the province, including the private hospitals of Peshawar for better treatment.

Apart from the Sehat Sahulat Programme, the hospital provided free medicines worth 400 million rupees during the year 2022, he added. Moreover, he said, for the convenience of the patients, the hospital administration established pharmacies within the operation theaters so that the medicines used during the surgery can be provided to the patient on the spot.

In 2022, as in previous years, diagnostic services continued uninterruptedly in the Radiology and Pathology Departments of the hospital and 9,574 MRIs, 19,731 CT scans, 165,965 different X-rays, 113,314 ultrasounds, and 2,017,962 different tests were performed, while 300 Afghan patients benefited from free radiology and pathology services.

It may be noted that HMC is the only public sector hospital in the province to provide diagnostic facilities through 1.5 Tesla MRI machines and in 2022 advanced CT scans and 3D mammograms were installed to further improve diagnosis.

Providing cardiology services during 2022, some 400 open heart surgeries, 4,428 angiographies, and 2,086 angioplasties were performed while the facility of heart link was introduced in CRC, via which the treatment facility is being provided to patients through a video link in Chitral. Furthermore, 5 cath labs and modular operation theaters provided facilities to cardiac patients throughout the year.

The IKD, being a specialized hospital for kidney diseases, facilitated 390,000 patients including 27,552 dialysis procedures. Similarly, 60,000 patients were treated in the Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit, of which 20,000 received burns treatment.—APP