Zong’s relentless commitment to Pakistan is a show of enduring Pak-China ties

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By addressing Pakistanis’ increasing communication needs and preparing the country for the 5G era, Zong, Pakistan’s top cellular and digital services provider, has raised the standard for industry par-ticipants in terms of going above and beyond to help society in difficult times.

With the largest 4G network and 4G subscriber base in Pakistan, CMPak is the industry leader. CMPak was the first operator in Pakistan to invest in 4G, and it was also the only company to pay for Spec-trum in full, showing is commitment to the telecom industry of the country.

Furthermore, CMPak is the only operator in Paki-stan with 14,000+ 4G stations in 300+ cities and a Foreign Direct Investment of over USD $ 3 billion. CMPak also aims to invest more than $1 billion in 2021 to expand its 4G network further.

CMPak has also aided in the development of eco-nomic activities and is contributing to directly and indirectly create employment opportunities.

Today, Zong employs a workforce of 3,500 direct employ-ees and over 200,000 indirect contractors’ workers.

As Pakistan marks the 73rd anniversary, Zong con-tinues the Pakistan- China friendship to contribute towards Pakistan’s economy and society is worth noting.

Zong’s Incredible Covid Response
Zong’s CSR initiatives were highlighted in the af-termath of Covid-19, where the company’s response was both extraordinary and inspiring.

In this time of great distress, it has hardly left any stone unturned in providing assistance to the Pakistani people.

As the coronavirus spread across Pakistan, wreaking havoc on people’s lives and businesses, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications network, decided to step forward, quickly, and offer assis-tance to communities and people across the country, in keeping with its core value of “Responsibility Makes Perfection.”

Zong 4G has teamed with the federal and provincial governments to convey essential information in some of the country’s most vulnerable communities to aid authorities in their fight against Covid-19 and create awareness.

When the situation with Covid-19 in Pakistan dete-riorated, Zong offered massive donation to help the country fight the epidemic.

The vast sums of money were to be spent on extending assistance through large partnerships with Pakistani government and health officials.

To raise public awareness about Covid-19 in Paki-stan, Zong partnered with UNICEF to leverage all of its digital channels to spread accurate and verifi-able information about the novel coronavirus.

The telecommunications behemoth teamed up with local governments in Punjab, KPK, and Sindh to raise awareness about the new coronavirus and edu-cate the public about important preventive meas-ures.

Furthermore, the company has worked with orphan-ages, nursing homes, schools, and other organiza-tions to provide support, everyday goods, and training.

Zong has also committed to constructing sev-eral vocational facilities for girls and women in order to ensure gender equality.

Zong’s consistent network transformation journey
The powerful and expansive nationwide network that spreads into the distant reaches of the country, bringing isolated communities into the realm of digital inclusion and connecting them to a world of possibilities, is what has enabled Zong’s enormous success.

Zong has also established itself as a leading pro-vider of connectivity and digital services to millions of Pakistanis and thousands of enterprises. Zong is rising as a pioneer in the sphere of digital business solutions, while simultaneously providing to the ever-changing connectivity needs of more than 40 million cellular subscribers.

The quality of Zong’s network is demonstrated in various industry-leading statistics. The company’s IT infrastructure is cutting-edge and advanced to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The com-pany is connecting millions to the globe and creat-ing limitless opportunities through high-speed mo-bile internet, with over 14,000 4G sites dispersed across the country. Zong is geared to further expand its 4G footprint to equip the country through the fastest connectivity.

In addition, the company has the most LTE spec-trum bandwidth and provides an unrivalled con-sumer experience.

Furthermore, Zong has an IGW network with three independent service providers (ISPs) to ensure redundancy and reliability, as well as congestion-free and uninterrupted data services for its consumers.

Zong’s Role in CPEC The Game-Changer Project
Another example of Zong’s unwavering commit-ment to Pakistan is its pivotal position in the mas-sive CPEC project, which is a critical component of the bigger Belt & Road initiative. CPEC is all about bringing people and businesses together.

It plans to build a network of motorways, railways, and pipelines across Pakistan, as well as energy, industrial, and other infrastructure development projects.

Pakistan’s preferred connectivity partner Zong 4G has been one of the primary accelerators and enablers of CPEC’s unbroken progress.

Zong 4G is the key connectivity provider in the majority of CPEC projects, thanks to its unrivalled network footprint and best-in-class high-speed data products and services, which have boosted digital penetration across the country.

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