Youth shot dead in name of honour


A youth was shot dead at the doorstep of his house by his in-laws on Wednesday in what the family of the deceased described was an act of ‘honour killing’ in Landhi area of Karachi.

According to the father of the deceased, his son Adnan had contracted a love marriage five years ago against the will of his in-laws.

Since then, his in-laws had been seeking retribution and had attempted to target him at our house in which his younger son was hurt. Following that attack, his in-laws reconciled with them but that also turned out to be a trap for his son, the father added.

The victim’s father said that Adnan’s in-laws called him outside the house today and his two brothers-in-law along with their two uncles, shot Adnan five times, leaving him dead on the spot.

The slain youth’s uncle, on the other hand, said that Adnan was married in 2017 of his own free will and he was the oldest of the five siblings.


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