Youth programme an opportunity for unemployed to excel



The young generation, especially students, economists, researchers and emerging businessmen, always prove to be the backbone of any country as they put in maxi-mum efforts for creating strong economies and invincible nations, said speakers at an event held in Islamabad on Friday.

Nations across the globe regardless of caste, creed and colour fully employ such squads to lay down sound economic, cultural and educational foundations not only for self-sufficiency but to compete internationally, they said.

“Such initiatives are a blessing for people like us in an era when there is economic recession and it is hard to get desired jobs,”said Salman Ali, a youngster who is in search of a job after completing graduation degree.

“This initiative will enable people like me to earn a respectable living and promote entrepreneurship culture in the country to build a strong economy and address the issue of unemployment,” Ali expressed hope.

According to the details, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship for youth by providing business loans and ensure bright future for them, the youth programme will facilitate the youth between 21-45 years age to get loans up to Rs 7.5 million with 25 percent quota specified for women. Terms and conditions will be simple and mark up lesser as 15 commercial, Islamic and SME banks will be providing loans to set up new as well as extension of the existing business, performing as catalyst for economic empowerment of the youth.

“Empowering youth is one of the top priorities of the government,” said Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Youth Affairs, Shaza Fatima Khawaja. Khawajafurther said, “Through its youth and agriculture loan programme, the gov-ernment aims to providing financial assistance to talented youth for reducing unem-ployment and promoting a culture of self-employment to reduce extra burden on na-tional kitty.”

“Pakistani youth are talented, hardworking and passionate to compete in international market and fully benefit from opportunities provided them to grow and prosper,” she added.

Arifa Fatima who is already running a stitching business at small scale also pinned hopes in this endeavor as she thinks, “it will pave way for exploiting entrepreneurial potential of youth”. Provision of business loans on simple terms and conditions and with lesser markup will encourage people like us to fully utilize our energies for better earning as well as contribute to economic development of the country”. “Special persons were often considered as a burden for their families as well as society. But, this initiative has also raised their hopes to become productive hands by making them earn a respectable livelihood. —APP