You’re not a chicken..!



Cat thinks he’s a chicken; an Australian cat has begun to fancy himself as a chicken, and is taking his new role seriously….”

You’ve heard of strange things, men who think they’re women, women who act like men, adults who still think they’re children, many such in this world right? But a cat thinking he’s chicken? Bit strange if you ask me. “Watch out Kitty, there’s a dog attacking you! Come on scratch his nose, gggrowl, attack!” “Cluck, cluck, cheap, cheap!”I remember the story of a farmer who found a dead eagle high on a mountain, and in her nest he found an egg. He carried the eagle’s egg to his farm and placed it along with those of a hen. A few days later it hatched and the farmer watched with amusement the little eagle growing up along with his brother and sister chickens, doing what they did, and acting just like them. One day the farmer decided that the baby eagle had to learn to take it’s place as the king of the sky and not a chick looking for worms. He took the baby eagle to a field and threw it into the air; the scared little fellow fell to the ground startled. The farmer threw him up again and the eagle fell again, nearly bruising itself. “Open your wings!” shouted the farmer, “Those wings are meant for you to fly!” But lil’ eagle looked all the more confused, looking desperately to where mother hen was.

There was only one thing to do, the farmer gathered up the little chap and started up the same mountain, from where he had rescued the egg. There on the mountaintop, the farmer held the eagle high over his head and shouted, “You’re an eagle, not a chicken, fly!”

So saying he threw it into the sky, off the mountain and watched the dazed bird go up then start to fall and shouted again, “You’re not a chicken!”

And suddenly those wings that were jammed together, opened, and the farmer saw the spectacular sight of the bird lifting itself above the winds, using the currents and soaring into the sky, from where it swooped down in majestic joyfulness, gliding, lifting itself, then thrusting into the wind moving higher and higher, till it became a speck among the clouds that seemed to envelop the eagle.You’re not a chicken..! I wonder when someone will shout to this Australian cat, “You’re not a chicken!” I wonder if you my friends can hear God’s voice shouting, “Hey! You are my Creation, a strong man, a strong woman, you’re not a chicken, fly and throw away your fear..!”


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