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Internet access in Panjgur

Panjgur is facing issues of Internet access and it has become a major problem for public, especially for students. I read newspapers on daily basis, yet never saw a letter published written by someone from Panjgur. People raise their voice to highlight issues being faced by them and they always try their best to write, yet how can they email their letters without Internet. Authorities should look into the matter and provide Internet access to entire Province.



Impact of social media on children

Nowadays children are getting addicted to social media and that is destroying their future as well as causing health disorders. On the other hand, their parents are excited about their child’s expertise in using a cell phone and how their little one show- off clips on YouTube. Such is the situation that when a child demands a smart phone and even if parents can’t afford it they feel compelled to kill their basic needs and try to fulfil desire of the child. Moreover, in course of time child will be mentally ill because of using it for a long night continuously. That slowly and gradually decays brain and the child will face many difficulties in future, a great disaster to society, family and nation. Every parent is requested to provide education to their child instead of wasting their time on smart phones.


Turbat, Balochistan

Protecting the ozone layer

If pollutants continue then it can damage the ozone layer completely and it can cause bad effects on the people like breathing problem and skin cancer, irritation in eyes and many more.as we human being are polluting the atmosphere which is affecting the ozone layer however The word ozone layer is a gas which protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation which is the symbol of (UV).it is far from earth 15th to 20th kilometers. It is a blue gas and has a sharp smell.

It is the protector of earth but unfortunately is being destroyed by some gasses or compounds.we cannot image how beautiful earth Allah the Almighty has gifted to us but yet we running behind make it a hell to live in ,as we are cutting the tress and burning the wastes and polluting the environment,which is not beneficial for human welfare so it the high time that the organization in the world who work for cleaning the environment should have some more polices for protecting the environment.



Education boards need reformation

Lately, I got my brother’s NOC issued by Federal Board. I simply called the controller office in order to get details regarding NOC, they replied that all information was available on website of the board. I visited website, started filling the online form, they sent me an online challan paid through online mobile cash accounts or a bank account.

After completing formalities and a click on button I received a message from Board, telling me that your NOC has been dispatched and would reach in stipulated time also sending a facsimile of original document on given WhatsApp number. Finally, I received my brother’s NOC just in 3 days. I was amazed to see their online system, making efficient use of Internet. On the contrary, there are eight secondary, intermediate and technical boards in Sindh and have been working for many years but they haven’t made any online system for educational documents. In interior Sindh, many students with their parents come from far-flung areas, stay in cities and face difficulties for getting certificates from their respective boards. When they reach their respective boards, they are given exorbitant fee challans. When they reach bank have to wait for hours in long lines inside & outside the bank and board office for submission of challan and other attached document. After completing formalities, they are given a date to collect their certificates and they have to come back again to get their certificates. Boards are autonomous entities and they must develop and operate online system for students to get their certificates without any inconvenience.


Nawabshah, Sindh

New experiences

The Board of Intermediate education Karachi PIKE took a step in right direction by introducing coding machines to check the multiple choice questions MCQs. It is capable to check 100 papers in every minute.

The coding machine will reduce the teachers burden and papers will be check properly. Those who write will they will get good marks. We hope that new inventions bring many changes in the country, if government continues such steps on regular basis.





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