Youngster stressed to play role in country’s development



Amraiz Khan

On the eve of Independence Day celebrations, a ceremony was organized at Lahore General Hospital and Punjab Institute of Neurosciences in which a large number of professors, doctors, medical & nursing students and nurses participated.

Principal LGH Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar and ED PINS Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood hoist the national flag at the main gate and congratulated each other on Independence Day. On this occasion, nursing students and nurses sang the national anthem which was appreciated by the audience at large.

Addressing the function, Principal Prof. Al-freed Zafar and ED Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that Pakistan is undoubtedly a heaven for the Muslims of South Asia where due to the tireless hard work, struggle and leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah this separate state came into being.

They added that the Muslims of India gained this motherland by making innumerable sacrifices.

They said that today there is a need for the young generation to do their utmost in the spirit of patriotism for the development, prosperity and hoisting of the green crescent flag in view of the sacrifices of their forefathers.

In this graceful but simple ceremony Col. Syed Jafar Abbas the father of Lieutenant (Pak Navy) Mehran Base Karachi Shaheed Syed Yasir Abbas Rizvi, who sacrificed his life for the country, specially attended.

The heads of both the medical institutes said that Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with all kinds of blessings and there is no less than any other nation as Pakistanis and today Pakistan’s most capable doctors, engineers and IT experts in developed countries are serving successfully.

Prof. Alfreed Zafar and Prof. Khalid Mahmood said that August 14 is the day of renewal of the covenant which urges us to work hard, believe and struggle.

Achieving lofty goals is not possible and success in life requires a lot of dedication, especially due to the competitive atmosphere in the medical field, they added.

They further said that young doctors and nurses need to continue devotion and dedication in the medical field.

They said that today we should also pledge that we will make the service of the suffering humanity without any greed and purpose and it would aim our life which is also a basic part of the oath of doctors and nurses.

They appealed to the youth to work hard in any field. They said that success will surely follow in their footsteps if they continue to pursue guns and discipline and honesty as their life’s pursuit.

Nursing Superintendent PINS Razia Shamim and Nursing Superintendent LGH Ruqaiya Bano said that freedom is one of the great blessings of Allah Almighty.

They said that we should be thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us the blessing of freedom and we will continue to play our role for its development and prosperity.

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