XI firm on rule of law in HK


CHINESE President Xi Jinping has sent a loud and clear message that China would foil conspiracies to disrupt peace of Hong Kong and ensure rule of law to protect rights and lives of peaceful citizens. As rioting continued in Hong Kong on Thursday, he lamented that the radical criminal acts taking place in Hong Kong have grossly trampled the rule of law and social order, seriously harmed the prosperity and stability of the special administrative region and severely challenged the bottom-line of the principle of “one country, two systems”.
With the passage of time, it is becoming evident that the trouble in Hong Kong is foreign inspired and is aimed at disrupting the monumental pace of progress and development that the autonomous region achieved under Chinese administration. The protests started in June against plans to allow extradition to the mainland – which some feared would undermine the city’s freedoms but the fact that these are continuing for the last five months despite withdrawal of the plan speak volumes about real designs of protestors and their handlers. The plea that the protests are aimed at safeguarding democratic freedoms is not understandable as Hong Kong already enjoys all democratic rights. The basic law of Hong Kong ensures representative elections and the Legislative Council is far more democratic in nature than many Western democracies. What kind of democracy and rights the protestors are championing by hitting and killing innocent people as they did on Wednesday when a 70-year old man was killed when hit hard by a hard object hurled by rioting protestors? Taking life of other people and denying peaceful citizens to pursue their normal life and studies are condemnable acts and must be taken as such by all members of the civilized world. If violence in other countries is unjustified then how can it be justified in Hong Kong where Chinese government has invested heavily to improve standard of living of the people. It is regrettable that people of Hong Kong are suffering badly due to hooliganism and rioting by some vested interests as economic activities hamper, tourism is affected and even foreign students have started leaving educational institutions because of unrest. We are sure that the Chinese President, who has a great vision, would succeed in overcoming the challenge thrown by some foreign powers to create difficulties for his great country.

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