World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Sami Zayn has shared pictures in front of the Kaaba on his social media earning high praise from the Muslim community around the world.

Zayn, real name Rami Sebei, was born to Syrian immigrants in Canada.

Being a pro wrestler and being with WWE has taken me to places I never dreamed I’d get to see and do things I never thought I’d get to do. It has provided me a life filled with incredible experiences that I will cherish forever. This one is at the top of the list. الحمدلله, Zayn captioned the pictures.

His Tweet has been Re-Tweeted over 6500 times while amassing 2 million views and over 58,000 likes.

Performing in the West where there is still a divide between Muslims and the local communities, Sami Zayn fearlessly calling visiting Kaaba his greatest moment is mighty brave of him.

Zayn is currently one-half of the WWE Undisputed Tag-team Champions with his real-life friend Kevin Owens (real name Kevin Yanick Steen).

After making his name in the Indie wrestling circuit as El-Generico he signed with WWE in 2013, going on to become one of the most liked or “over” wrestlers in its development brand NXT and the main roster.