Wrestler Inam Butt asks fans to use lockdown period in a positive way


ISLAMABAD Pakistan’s top grappler Inam Butt has asked his fans to utilize the lockdown period in a positive way and adopt an exercise programme to keep themselves physically fit. “All are restricted to their homes due to coronavirus, but I believe the prevailing situation in the country has provided us several options. One option is that we spend our time either in sleeping or watching movies. The other is that we use this shutdown period in a positive way by working on an exercise programme to improve our health,” he said in a video message. “In today’s life an individual sacrifices several things, including his health as he has to toil hard to earn livelihood for his family. I think this shutdown period has provided us a chance to bring our body in a very good shape. “We can improve our immune system by doing exercise. This will help us fight the coronavirus as well as other diseases,” the world wrestling champion said. The 31-year-old, who received pride of performance award last year in recognition of his outstanding shows in the international events, said that he would regularly upload his exercise videos on his YouTube channel and fans could follow those to remain physically fit. He also asked the public to adhere to the safety policy and stay at their homes as this was the best way to combat the coronavirus pandemic.—APP