Won’t allow anyone to destabilize Pakistan: COAS

COAS Pakistan

Kakul: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Saturday said that the armed forces of Pakistan would never allow any country, group, or force to politically or economically destabilize Pakistan.

COAS General Bajwa was addressing a ceremony held to mark the passing-out parade of the 146th PMA Long Course at Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul.

During his speech, the COAS congratulated cadets who were passing out, saying that they should be proud that they were going to be a part of a great army. He said that the army had made great sacrifices to rid Pakistan of terrorism. He also advised them to always remember the value of keeping a brave face in front of the men they lead even if they are shattered and frightened.

“Respect the democratic institution and be always ready to defend the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and constitution of Pakistan with your life,” he said, adding that they should “always remain alert and prepared to respond to and defeat all intrigues and conspiracies hatched against our country”.

During the speech, General Bajwa advised the cadets to always remain focused on their job and never get distracted by fake news and political wrangling in the country. He asked the cadets to not pay attention to fake news and propaganda as the country’s security was in strong hands.

Regarding the need for regional peace and developing a mechanism for resolving all bilateral issues peacefully, he warned that the “price of status quo will be devastating for all of us”.

General Bajwa also stressed the importance of keeping the well-being of the troops above all, saying it is the hallmark of a successful military leader. He also quoted Field Marshal Philip Walhouse Chetwode to remind the cadets of the essence of his words.

“The safety, honor, and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honor, welfare, and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own comfort and safety come last, always and every time.”

General Qamar Bajwa further said that Pakistan, in its quest for peace, has extended sincere and all-out efforts to evolve good relations with all neighbors and regional countries.

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“We are trying our best to break the political logjam which has denied the countries of South Asia to move forward and resolve all regional and bilateral issues in a peaceful and dignified manner,” he said.

He stressed that the people of South Asia also deserve prosperity and better living conditions. “This can only happen with sustained economic growth, development, and above all lasting peace. Therefore we must try hard to keep flames of war away from the region,” he said.

The army chief said the Pakistan Army with the full support and confidence of the nation turned the tide against terrorism in the last two decades and ensured that organised terrorism is decisively rooted out from Pakistan.

“This is indeed a unique accomplishment that not many countries or armies can claim,” he said.

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