Nothing wrong with confiscated 48 million Panadol tablets


Karachi: As the city is wrapped up in unusually lengthy viral infections, the huge stocking of 48 million Panadol tablets, seized during a raid on September 15, is seen by many to be one of the reasons for the shortage of the common painkiller. However, the Sindh Government thoroughly inquired into the raid and found out that there was nothing wrong, declaring it a legal course of business.

Authorities took a total of 21 days to carry out their audit and later deduced the conclusion in favour of the multinational pharmaceutical. The company had already revoked all the allegations and stated their stock was lawful, adding that they were to be distributed in the country.

Nevertheless, the supplies were released on Friday after an “investigation” revealed that the majority of the medication was planned to be freed and distributed throughout the country.

Dilawar Ali Jiskani, a drug inspector, told the local media that the authority raided a warehouse on Hawks Bay Road in Karachi on 15th September 2022 and found 4,323 boxes of Panadol, carrying 48,378,600 tablets. The drugs are estimated to be worth $250 million in total.

DRAP recovers 50 hoarded cartons of Panadol

The Secretary of Health and Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho issued the orders that led to the action being conducted. He further asserted that the tables were intended to be sold at a normal price with no aim of illegal hoarding.

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