Woman fakes son’s abduction to implicate rivals in case

Staff Reporter

A woman staged her son’s abduction to implicate her rivals in a fake case in Arifwala area, police said on Friday.

They said the woman hid her eight-year-old son and reported him missing. The minor was later recovered from her brother’s residence, they added.

During investigation, the police said, she confessed to having staged this entire episode to get a fake case lodged against her rivals. A first information report (FIR) has been registered against the woman, her husband and brother.

Last year in October, a fruit vendor had been arrested by the Lahore police for allegedly staging his abduction and demanding Rs200,000 extortion for his safe release. 22-year-old Nazim Hussain along with his brother used to sell fruits at his stall near Bhutta chowk in the Punjab capital, the police said, adding he had borrowed money from a lot of people who worked at the market where he would purchase fruits from.

Unable to pay off his debt, Hussain went to visit his friends in Karachi from where he made a fake abduction call using his phone number with the help of the friends and demanded Rs200,000 protection money for his release.

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