Wildlife vows action against newlywed couple

Staff Reporter

Pictures of a Pakistani couple using an allegedly ‘sedated’ lion cub as a prop for their wedding photoshoot have gone viral.

Reportedly, the marriage ceremony was held somewhere in Punjab province, where a lion cub was specially brought for a photoshoot.

The couple can be seen holding hands over the cub as the photographer took his shots. In another shot, the lion cub was kept a bit away from the couple, as the photographer took the pictures.

The Punjab Wildlife Department has taken notice of the viral video and started a search of the couple for action against them.

According to the officials, the wild animals and birds can be kept during the wedding but they cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Meanwhile, Animal rights activists were up in arms after the video gone viral.

Talking to a private TV channel, Shumaila Iqbal, a volunteer working for the rights of wild animals said people here in our country do not feel the pain of the animals as they feel of the human beings.

“Bringing animals during the weddings is only aimed at showing the status in the society.”

She said that laws are there to ensure the protection of the animals, but due to soft punishments, the incidents are increasing.