Redmi continue to deliver astounding, yet accessible smart phones



Staff Reporter

Global technology leader Xiaomi announced it is expanding its lineup of mid-range smartphone devices to include Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 10.

From The 108MP Voyager to The AMOLED Explorer, these two smart phones continue Xiaomi’s commitment to providing the latest Smartphone advancements to all and redefining the mid-range king in the industry.

Redmi Note 10 Pro ups the ante as one of the highest resolution cameras for smart phones, making it the mid-range king in mobile photography.

The phone’s 108MP sensor with 9-in-1 binning technology and Dual native ISO combine to capture the finest details, provide a higher dynamic range and offer an array of photo editing possibilities.

Thanks to the Night mode 2.0 powered by RAW multi-frame algorithm, users can capture stunning visuals even in low-light settings.

Redmi Note 10 Pro will offer both pro and tele macro time-lapse video shooting. Other new additions in Redmi Note include Photo Clones, Video Clones, Dual Video and Long exposure modes for extra fun photo or video sharing on your favorite social media apps.

On the performance end, Redmi Note 10 Pro truly packs a punch with one of the most powerful 4G processors on the market, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 732G.

Ideal for gamers and streamers alike, the device’s high performance and low power consumption model, paired with an immersive sound system featuring dual speakers, provides an optimal on-the-go viewing experience.

Thanks to the 5,020mAh (typ) battery and advanced 33W fast charging, users’ time spent powering up will be kept to a minimum.

Providing optimal viewing experiences, Redmi Note 10 is equipped with a 6.43” AMOLED Dot Display.

As with the Redmi Note 10 Pro, the device touts a seamless redesign and updates including an Arc side fingerprint sensor, 33W fast charging, a 360-degree light sensor setup and immersive dual speakers.

Redmi Note 10 comes in three classic colors: Onxy Gray, Lake Green and Pebble White.