Wildlife officials recover 43 partridges from huntsmen


Sindh Wildlife Department in a raid in Sujawal district recovered illegally captured rare partridges, sources said on Sunday.

According to the Wildlife department officials 43 birds were recovered in a raid in Chohar Jamali area of the district. The rare birds will be released in their natural habitat in forest, according to the wildlife officials.

The Partridge is one of the rare species of ground-dwelling non-migratory bird. It is also found in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Due to the rapid climate change in Pakistan, the species of this rare bird is endangered to extinction. Disruption in the natural food cycle has affected the unique black partridge negatively.

The black partridge is famous for its high-pitched chirping sound. It was found in agriculture fields and forests quite until recently.

However, its numbers have dropped persistently, and now few sightings are reported occasionally in some areas.

The IUCN has specifically evaluated black partridge as vulnerable on its red list of threatened species. —INP

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