Why Ealhi wants to be CM from PTI not PML-N?


To whom Prime Minister Imran Khan defended as Chief Minister Punjab for the last three years finally has compromised on his (Buzdar) position and nominated Pervazi Elahi to replace him.

Story does no end here but real challenges have surfaced ahead when many groups from within PTI like Aleem Khan group, Jahangir Tareen group, and Like-minded Cheema group have become active in opposition of the nomination of Ch. Pervaiz Elahi as Chief Minister Punjab.

Political circles are of the view that the real trial of the Chaudries has started now that how they would manage things not only in Punjab but also in the center.

There is no doubt in it that Chaudries have influence within political circles and they are also experts in manipulating parliamentarians. It is worth mentioning here that Pervaiz Elahi had finalized his deal with PML(N) leadership and a couple of days back there was a very clear echo in the corridors of the Punjab Assembly in this regard.

PML(N) members and PML(Q) MPAs were meeting each other very warmly and discussing the ministries supposed to be divided among PML(N) and PML (Q) members after the nomination of Elahi as Chief Minister from PML(N) side. But all of sudden the Chuadries changed their decision and Ealhi visited Banigala and met with Prime Minister Imran Khan and changed his decision. Imran Khan perhaps disclosed his trump card about which he was speaking in his public meetings and sought resignation from Buzdar and offered the same office to Elahi. Political circles privy to the development said that Elahi got this decision done by Prime Minister and asked PM to announce his (Elahi) candidature for CM Punjab before tabling of No-trust motion against him in National Assembly by the Opposition. Elahi conveyed to Prime Minister that otherwise, his party would not support him so Imran Khan accepted his offer and announced him as his candidate for CM Punjab.

Now many people are confused over the decision of Elahi about accepting offer of PM when there was resistance within PTI against his candidature. Whereas being a candidate from PML(N) side was very easy since there was no opposition from within PML(N). Sources claimed that the Establishment is not happy with PML(N) and it gave a very clear message to Chaudaries that it would not help them in case Elahi would be a candidate from PML(N) side so Elahi changed his decision.


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