Wheat imported from Russia reaches Karachi

Pakistan Wheat Russia

The first batch of wheat imported from Russia by the government arrived in Karachi on Monday. Ministry of Food Security officials announced that two ships arrived in the metropolis and that another 450,000 tonnes of wheat from Russia would reach Pakistan through Gwadar. flour bag provided by the federal government at the utility stores, which costs Rs650, and the cheap flour bag by the Sindh government, which costs Rs650 also disappeared from the market.

Moreover, due to the high cost of wheat and the shortage of gas, the price of roti has gone up to Rs25.

Chairman of Pakistan Flour Mills Association Sindh Region, Chauhdari Amir said, the country’s wheat reserves are decreasing. “The government is providing only 30 per cent of the wheat quota. We are buying 70 per cent of wheat from the open market”. He said that the price of a 100kg sack of wheat has increased to Rs12,500.