Weak segments have been provided relief in budget: CM


CM outlines foremost priority to redress fiscal constraints of masses due to corona pandemic
Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that corona pandemic has adversely affected every segment of the society. He maintained that measures to safeguard interests of the weak segment have been proposed in the Punjab budget.
In a statement on Sunday, he said that common man has been provided relief through comprehensive planning and claimed that no government in the history of Punjab has ever provided tax relief worth Rs. 56 billion.
Usman Buzdar hoped that business activities will be promoted in the province with the provision of tax relief in the budget despite difficult circumstances.
The CM emphasized that redressing economic difficulties of common man is the foremost priority of PTI government as undue expenditures have been curtailed. He regretfully remarked that opposition parties only resort to do criticism for the sake of criticism and lamented that they had inflicted distress on the people instead of providing any substantial relief in their respective tenures.
CM condemned that previous rulers only protected their vested interests and lured the masses by mere hollow slogans.
Usman Buzdar outlined that masses want practical steps to be undertaken for their welfare instead of raising shallow slogans. CM emphasized that PTI government is providing ease and comfort in the lives of every segment of the society.
He highlighted that every work is being carried out on merit in the province. He added that our intentions are noble and we are treading in the right direction. CM Usman Buzdar vowed that we will advance forward more expeditiously in our journey in order to render services to the masses without caring for any criticism.
The CM has directed to complete advance safety arrangements before the arrival of monsoon season and possible flood. He sought comprehensive plan from the Irrigation Department about making safety arrangements in this regard.
He also directed to continuously monitor water situation in the rivers. The CM directed to obtain authentic information about weather forecast by fully utilizing from the latest technology.
He directed concerned departments to remain vigilant all the time in the wake of possible flood. Usman Buzdar outlined that necessary machinery along with equipments should also remain completely functional. CM emphasized that provincial and federal departments should perform their duties by maintaining a close liaison and all preparations should be completed in every respect to cope up with any untoward situation.
He directed Health Department that teams providing first aid should also remain ready and vigilant. He directed that water situation should be continuously monitored in the hill torrents of DG Khan and Rajanpur.
He underscored that in order to effectively deal with possible flood challenge, provincial departments should make their complete preparations. CM warned that no paper work or fake action will be tolerated and stressed that third party audit of pre-emptive arrangements will also be conducted.