We are one nation under one flag: Imran Ismail


A simple and dignified cake cutting ceremony was held here at Governor’s House here on Friday in connection with the ‘National Minority Day’, aimed at expressing solidarity and promoting interfaith harmony giving message of unity for working jointly for peace and stability.

Members of the provincial assembly, and civil society participated in the ceremony. MNA Jai Parkash; MPA Jamal Siddiqi; MPA Sanjay Gangwani; Patron-in-chief Pakistan Sikh Council, Sardar Ramesh Singh; Vicar Christ Church Diocese of Karachi, Rev. Shahid Sabir and Tushna Patel, Pandit Vijay Maharaj Goswani, Jawahir Lal & Deepak Singh representatives of Parsi, Hindu and Sikh communities, respectively, attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail said that they all were one nation under one flag and lauded minorities’ role in the economic progress and national development.

He said that the minorities enjoyed equal rights in Pakistan as per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as elaborated in his address to the Constituent Assembly.

Governor Sindh along with the members of minority community cut a cake and reiterated the Pakistan’s commitment to refrain from discriminating against minorities and to maintain an atmosphere of tolerance and brotherhood within the country.

While appreciating the government’s commitment to the protection of religious minorities in Pakistan, the members of minority community observed that the Interreligious Harmony will certainly strengthen peace and harmony between the people of different religions and help ensure that members of religious minorities to live freely.


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