Wasim regrets about terming media as circus


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Wasim Khan has today issued a statement regarding his recent comments on Pakistan’s media.

In a press release issued by the PCB, Khan admitted that his selection of words was inappropriate.

‘On Saturday during an interview, I made some comments about some members of the media.

On reflection, my selection of words and the tenor was inappropriate, which I regret. The continued and unending tirade against me based on my loyalty and commitment to Pakistan cricket took its toll on me,” said Khan.

‘I look forward to building and strengthening my relationships with the media but also hope their assessment, analysis and scrutiny will be on my work, performance and contributions,” he added.

Wasim had termed the local media a circus and believed that some individuals have personal agendas.

‘I know there are comments about me that I am a British national etc. One particular journalist talks about this every time, his two children are studying in the UK as well.

If he is so patriotic that he is accusing me, why are his children still in the UK? They themselves are benefitting from this system.

They don’t talk on cricket, they have their personal agendas,” Khan had said, couple of days back, on a YouTube show CRICAST.

‘These so called experts talk about my salary or why I’m sitting in UK, due to Covid; it’s nonsense. People from media of other countries text me and ask me about this circus in our media and who these jokers are?—Agencies

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