Wana fruit, vegetable union holds protest

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Fruit and vegetable Union of Wana Sub-Division South Waziristan protested against the Faisalabad custom authorities in front of District Press Club Wana.

In the protest, Fruit and vegetable Union raised slogtans against the Faisalabad Custom Intelligence in Punjab province, on this occasion Haji Toor Khan Wazir, Umar Shah Koti and Rashid Wazir while talking to the journalists said as the season of vegetables and fruits in South Waziristan starts from May and continues till November, we have to take them to Punjab to sell these fruits and vegetables these are our local products It does not include any other country fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, Agriculture Officer Wana supported the stand of the Fruit and Vegetable Union and added that their demand is legitimate as they are actually local products. Apart from this, on 22 September, Customs Officer Qadir Khan stopped two vehicles from South Waziristan at Kotla Jam and handed them over to Faisalabad Custom Intelligence officials.

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