Dengue’s onslaught continues as 411 new cases reported


Dengue continues taking its toll on public health as Islamabad and Karachi have reported 68 and 343 new cases respectively during the last 24 hours on Monday. According to the health authorities, with 68 new cases in the last 24 hours, the number of dengue patients in the federal capital has reached 1,991. Of the new dengue cases, 56 were reported in rural areas and 12 in urban areas.

With new cases reported, the number of total cases has reached 1,206 in rural areas and 785 in urban centres. During the last 24 hours, seven patients suffering from dengue fever were admitted to the Federal General Hospital, three to the Polyclinic Hospital and four to the Capital Hospital of Islamabad. Meanwhile, the Islamabad administration launched a fumigation campaign for the eradication of dengue.

The campaign was going on vigorously in different areas of Islamabad to control the spread of the dengue virus. On the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, fumigation was carried out the last evening in different sectors of the federal capital. Also, different suburbs and rural areas underwent anti-dengue fumigation. In Karachi, 343 more patients were diagnosed with dengue virus during the last 24 hours, according to the provincial health authorities.

The number of people affected by dengue in Karachi during the ongoing month has reached 4,661. Whereas, the number of people affected by dengue in Karachi during the ongoing year has reached 6,868. So far, the deadly disease has claimed the lives of 32 people in the city of Quaid. The majority of the deceased belongs to Central and East districts. Meanwhile in Lahore, the administration has sprung into action following the reports of the spread of dengue in the provincial capital.

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