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of the nation

We, as a nation, seem to be very innocent and enthusiastic to react in a very quick manner and get convinced easily. Elections are in the offing and political parties would start their political campaign sooner or later in which they would claim as they do usually before election that once they come in power would so and so.

We all should understand that no individual or a political party has a magic stick to remove all the hurdles, problems and issues being faced by the nation overnight such as tackling corruption, sky rocketing inflation, fighting terrorism and crown of all issues paying heavy debts under which our country has been since very long instead these issues would take considerable time to resolve.

We need to understand that an individual or a political party might have different policies from another party or an individual but these issues cannot be resolved overnight so there is no need to be fascinated about any political party. Let’s vote sensibly and elect the best of the party among the available ones but be patient and play your part towards the solution of these issues and progression of our country.



The political chaos

Just as we sighed in relief after the Corona pandemic, Pakistan’s political scenario shook us. We were settling into the new norm and dealing with the inflation already and the situation of Karachi became tense once again. The three blasts in Karachi really made us feel we were back in ‘Purana Pakistan’.

It was heart wrenching to see that my already suffering city was bleeding. Once again we the people of Karachi are living in fear. Any thing can happen anywhere, anytime. We the youth of Pakistan appeal to the entire political community to please spare the innocent lives lost in this battle of power. We want a peaceful environment. Only then can we flourish into a prosperous nation.



From wheat production to flour crisis

Wheat harvesting has been completed in the country and the current production has fallen far short of the national requirement due to which wheat will now be imported. The government will also have to pay a huge subsidy from the exchequer to provide imported wheat to flour mills at a fixed subsidized price. The whole situation is also going to have an effect on flour. There are strong fears that in the near future the price of flour will not only increase but also a crisis situation may arise.

The country is in dire need of a solid and effective agricultural policy to harmonize wheat production with national needs. The amount that the government has given this year for the subsidy of imported wheat, if this amount is given to the agriculture sector for next year, then the cultivation of wheat can definitely increase. Providing farmers with cheap fertilizer, cheap electricity and cheap petrol and diesel can boost their morale. Increased production can be made possible by taking steps to alleviate water scarcity. In fact, the agriculture sector needs urgent attention from the government to prevent the growing food crisis in the country from escalating.



Why people run to retreat centres

Unlike retreat centres, most of the priests in our local parish churches do not preach about sin and repentance. This is the reason why most Catholics run to retreat centres.

At retreat centres, we get to learn a lot of things which are never taught in our local parish churches.


Mumbai, India

Zimbabwean workers’ woes

It is offensive, that South African government not put pressure on the Zimbabwean government to fix the hyper inflection in Zimbabwe. It’s shame SABC is now a Zimbabwean news channel as a results Zimbabweans are flocking to South Africa in search of a better life. It’s sad workers in Zimbabwe lament low salaries. Workers in Zimbabwe, both in the private and public sectors, they have nothing to celebrate as the world commemorates International Workers Day.

Living standards for the majority of workers in Zimbabwe have plummeted to very low levels, owing mainly to very low wages and salaries. Workers in Zimbabwe have nothing to celebrate as living standards for most of them have plummeted. It’s a pity, the workers in Zimbabwe ascribe this to their very low salaries, coupled with high taxes of up to 40% of their earnings.

It is a painful truth that the salaries are less than a third of the poverty line. It hurts those educators are working in an environment where their total remuneration cannot take them to work and work every day of the month. Peer should put eye on the ruling party in Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans are not free most workers are forced to supplement their salaries with side incomes such as selling vegetables, groceries or second-hand clothes.




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