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What have we done?

The summer in Pakistan is breaking records due to intense hot weather. According to reports, last April was the hottest in 61 years. The maximum temperature was recorded at 50 degrees in Sindh, bringing Pakistan at the top among the hottest places of the world. This sudden temperature change is severely affecting every living being, be it animals, human beings or plants. People are suffering from dehydration and heat strokes all across the country.

This alarming situation demands serious policymaking from people at helm of affairs as it has ignited grave concerns. Government needs to come up with a unified response at national and international levels before things got worse. It is high time to address climate change challenges at all possible levels and implement environment-friendly measures in order to roll back the damage it has caused to make this planet safe from horrible consequences as anticipated.



Online education vs on campus education

Education, no doubt, plays a vital role to nourish child character and moral as compared to food nourish physique. It enhances child intellectual ability and knowledge to distinguish between right and wrong.

With the scientific advancement, education is divided between two modes one is online education and other is on campus education. The former is also called distance education and vision too and the latter traditional education.

Distance education is mostly preferred, as opposing to regular physical classes. It has changed the system of education. It is beneficial for those who have obligations of home and earning burden.

It creates flexibility for them by making their time schedule. It also gives one chances of foreign school, college and university to obtain one’s choice degree. On the other hand, on campus education is also beneficial. It is better for one because it teaches how to interact with teachers, elders and makes one able to face one’s own difficulty or task. There is no denying the fact that education in division modes also plays its real spiritual role.



Gloomy scenario

The recent collapse of the Pakistan Stock Exchange signalled the market’s rising anxiety about deteriorating economic fundamentals and a skewed near-term prognosis as a result of the incumbent government’s inaction on economic issues. The most recent drop is the result of a combination of reasons, including worsening fiscal conditions, growing external sector challenges and political instability.

The failure of the new coalition administration to come up with a viable strategy to rebuild the economy is the most important factor. For example, there is still apprehension about making a firm decision on ending unsustainable energy subsidies. There are also disputes within the PML-N on economic policy, as former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar wants his economic strategy to prevail over the current FM Miftah Ismail’s economic measures. However, this is not the sole reason for this government not to remove cap over the energy prices.

The Sword of Damocles wielded by former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s long march in Islamabad has limited this government’s ability to take big economic steps in order to prevent blowback. Furthermore, the government has chosen to pursue political victimisation of its opponents, which will just add gasoline to the fire, since an increase in political chaos will result in further disasters for this administration. The key issue, however, is that the state and the people are paying the price for this turmoil.



Clarion call to stem the rot..!

Our civil and military establishment must immediately bring in to the government Dr. Ikramul Haq (world renowned taxation, economy and reforms expert and a Supreme Court lawyer and knows very well how to deal with world lending agencies) to stem the economic rot, as Pakistan’s bankruptcy is not ahead of us, but staring right into our eyes; and if, it was officially declared, then be ready to face worse catastrophe, looting and burning than what Sri Lanka is facing now, from where we have received photographs of serious manhandling of ministers sitting on ground without clothes, massive rioting and houses of VVIP’s on fire.

Let Dr. Ikramul Haq be immediately inducted into the government with full powers of related economic and tax reforms, as economy is not such a thing, that, it can be built in isolation, just with the induction of a new capable face.

No sustainable economy can be built without related reforms, which Dr Ikram ul Haq has been advocating since long; and even Dr Arthur Betz Laffer has openly supported him and luckily Dr Ikramul Haq is equally respected in America and the West, as well as, in China, where they hold him in very high esteem.

As such, Pakistan must bring in Dr. Ikram ul Haq to save our country from bankruptcy, which obviously affects all the national economic and strategic assets, not forgetting that when USSR disintegrated, it had the largest numbers of nuclear arsenal, but the financial meltdown was such a blackhole that it walloped everything.



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