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Massive Saudi economic package for Pakistan

According to media reports, Pakistan has secured a “sizeable package” of around $8 billion from Saudi Arabia, including doubling of the oil financing facility, additional money either through deposits or Sukuks, and rolling over of the existing $4.2 billion facilities during the recent visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Saudi Arabia has always stood by Pakistan in its times of need. It has yet again come to the fore with this profoundly significant package to steer Pakistan out of its burgeoning economic predicaments. Unambiguously, Pakistan owes its unfeigned gratitude to Saudi Arabia for extending this unparalleled support to it in its hour of need.

Now that Pakistan is going to get this substantial economic package from Saudi Arabia, it becomes obligatory on the part of those at the helm of governance in the country today to ensure that it is ‘exclusively’ utilized to meet the dire economic needs of the country. It should, under no circumstances, be utilized for any purpose other than this.

Pakistan is passing through a period of serious economic crisis in its history. It is confronting unparalleled balance of payments and current account deficits. Its internal and external debts have burgeoned to a horrifying extent. Besides these grave economic issues, multiple other profoundly serious issues continue to badger Pakistan and the Pakistani nation today.

In view of the foregoing, I urge the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif to focus all his energy on dragging the country out of its current economic morass … and giving it the direly needed turn around. Accountability and other related issues may be pursued too, but it shouldn’t, under any circumstances, get precedence over the battered economy of the country and the well-being of this nation.



No conspiracy?

The National Security Committee has recently deliberated twice upon the US official communication and reached the conclusion, as reported, that there was no evidence about any conspiracy hatched to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government though there has been interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan to say the least

For information of all concerned it is humbly submitted that the conspirators never inform their targeted victims, countries or individuals, in writing or verbally that they are conspiring, they just create the situation to achieve the objective.

The threatening tone of the communication, about consequences which Pakistan will have to face in case of success or failure of the opposition’s no trust motion and its timing ahead of the no trust motion which was moved the next day leave much to be desired. If threatening tone was noticed then protest should have been lodged.

It is also being said that name of the ousted PM (IK) was not mentioned in the communication. Against whom No Trust Motion was going to be moved, none else but the then incumbent prime minister and how it was known by them beforehand that a no trust motion was being moved against the prime minister?

Timing of the US communication may have prompted ousting of the PM to assume that a conspiracy against him was being launched through no trust motion. The other day, veteran constitutional lawyer and politician Ch Aitzaz Ahsan in a TV channel interview was heard saying that the interference in the internal affairs means conspiracy.

Irrespective of who was the target of the conspirators, all those inside and outside the corridors have to uphold national honour, prestige, sovereignty and security at all costs.



Out of the box

In today’s world where everyone is quickly moving forward and making one’s way in the race of life irrespective of gender. Women are equally participating in every discipline and challenging themselves with tough career choices as men do. At the same time still there are some parents who consider their 20 years old children naive and clueless about today’s rapidly changing world and don’t allow them to choose the career of their choice.

They always consider certain conditions before allowing their children to go in a particular field. They always feel comfortable with certain conventional career options. They don’t let their children explore new horizons of life. They are destroying the uniqueness and creativity of their children with their own hands.

There is nothing wrong if a girl/boy wants to become an Artist. It’s equally challenging and respected like other professions and should be taken serious. Our parental generation needs to understand that “interest” is really something worth considering.

The solution to this issue is communication. Instead of compromising on your aspirations, students need to convince their parents with facts and figures that how important it is to make a right career decision.

Our media is already doing well by breaking the stereotypical concept of “Sinf-e-Nazuk” which was previously a label on women. But more and more work needs to be done through this platform to make parents aware of the right parenting.


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