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Kudos to Pakistan

Kudos to Pakistan for celebrating its Pakistan Day on 23rd March 2019. It reminds one the sagacious leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was keen to maintain peace and friendly relations with India. Here, I would like to quote his first broadcast that said, “Our object should be peace within and peace without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial and friendly relations with our immediate neighbours and with the world at large. We have no aggressive designs against any one.
We stand by the United Nations Charter and will gladly make our full contribution to the peace and prosperity of the world.” Let India & Pakistan have normal relations on the basis of mutual respect and mutual interest for regional stability in both the countries. Let the tactical objectives of both the countries work for good neighbourly relations marked by normal trade, people to people contacts, greater sporting and cultural interactions, hassle-free travel and a confidence-building mechanism.
Ahmedabad, India

Online visa

Online visa is vital step to bring a real change to portray a positive image of Pakistan to the world. Recently PM Imran Khan inaugurated Pakistan online visa system and this facility has been given to 170 countries and among them under the scheme, business visa is provided to 96 countries on the arrival in Pakistan. Similarly, visa on arrival is rescued to tourists of 50 countries. In online visas included the categories of tourism, business, work and student visa, diplomat and journalist visa, family visit, cultural visits and participation in conferences and seminars.
I am very much thankful to PM Imran Khan who did a great work and always attempts to fulfil the wishes of people of Pakistan on economic, defence, foreign and other fronts.

Aquatic life
of Karachi
in danger

All living beings and species created by God are as equal in importance as Homo sapiens also known as human beings.
A recent research has shown that near Karachi harbor area the aquatic life is bearing harmful consequences of textile waste products. The textile industries have been releasing great amount of waste which contains hazardous and toxic pollutants which is affecting the marine life in a dangerous way. The waste is mostly composed of chemicals like copper, cadmium, chromium, iron and lead which are found in great amounts from fishes in the coastal area of Arabian Sea.
Another study has shown that about 5000 tons of waste from industries is regularly being dumped in coastal area of Karachi, which is creating acute disorders in aquatic organisms. As we know that fish are among the top level of aquatic food chain and are sensitive indicators of trace metal pollution. They are largely consumed by human beings and by entering human body; they cause various harmful diseases and damages to humans.
Therefore,it is of paramount importance that textile industries should not release toxic waste on sea shores and should filter their waste or burn it to avoid marine pollution which in return creates dangerous effects on human life.
The industrial waste is creating huge economic loss through reduction in the export potential of fish import and export industry. Now it is the need of hour to continuously monitor biodata in these areas and furthermore our govt should enforce pollution control laws and regulations so that metal concentrations do not get to such critical levels that they will threaten human health and life.

Pakistan Post stealing parcels

After watching the Pakistan Post Advertisement “deliver your export parcel in 3 days” I made a blunder. Yes, I made a big mistake by trusting Pakistan Post and its system. On 2nd February 2019, I booked a parcel under UMS-73750802 at NIPA Post Office Karachi for Bhalkassar Chakwal. After checking the status of the parcel, I came to know that the parcel was at Chakwal Office forwarded from Karachi under BAG ID – BAG15179654 on the same day.
After the passage of 2 days, I rechecked the status of the consignment and found that the parcel had been forwarded to Bhalkassar from Chakwal under Bag ID – BAG17552514 supposed to be delivered on next day. It has been almost a month now – the parcel has not delivered. Obviously, I had to rush to the Post Office, I booked the consignment. Well when I visited NIPA Post Office, I was told to meet with Post Master (Mr. Younis}. He was a busy guy. and simply said we forwarded the parcel and it was not our fault. He directed me in a disrespectful manner to visit BLOCK-3 DSC Post Office to know the status of Parcel.
When I visited that office, I was told to come tomorrow as the official concerned was not present at that time. I kept on visiting the office for 3 days to meet the concerned official but all of my efforts went in vain. The scenario I drew in this letter clearly paints the picture how Pakistan Post stole my parcel and how the whole department is fearlessly involved in such cheap, corrupt and creepy practices. Before asking the concerned authorities to take action – personally I believe nothing is going to happen; the entire administrative system is corrupt and Naya Pakistan is just a drama – I would like to add here, once I shipped a parcel (dry fruit & clothes) to my sister in Portugal. She said all packets of “Dry Fruit” were missing. They steal personal belongings of people and fearlessly defend what they do or allowed to do. I trusted them and got myself robbed. This teaches me one thing “ Don’t trust Pak Post”.

International interference

India is typically termed as a conventional enemy of Pakistan. As mentioned before the people of Pakistan need to be trained to think about their surroundings. We should learn a lesson form US and Canada’s cross border collaboration to improve their affairs. Why can’t Pakistan and India enter into such strengthening relationship?
Pakistan can never move forward with its proxy war politics with India and its involvement in the so-called US war on terrorism. It has to strike peace with India and other neighbouring countries soon so that it can use its resources for its people’s welfare and focus on its collective objective.
Pakistan has more potential to be a developed country earlier than India. It has the resources and talent. Yet it seems to sink lower by the day. India with a billion plus population has a million problems to handle. Yet the focus of India has been right and it shows in its eight per cent economic growth. It’s time Pakistan learns this lesson and corrects its flaws.

Regulating groundwater use

Like many other societies around the world, groundwater is the mainstay of our Pakistani society. It is also the primary source of water for domestic, urban, agricultural and industrial use in many parts of the country. In the past, groundwater was often available on site; on-demand, just-in-time water when users needed it, but now it is not the case. Groundwater table through the length of the country has gone deep and down due to installation of umpteen tube wells in the country.
Even in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, one can find a tube well in almost every house in every sector, therefore, it is not surprising that groundwater table has gone very deep. This intensive and unsustainable groundwater use in many areas of the country is going to lead to dire socio-environmental impacts, but who cares in this country. Has anybody or authority cared for it then they would have regulated the installation of tube wells for judicious use of ground water and socio-environmental sustainability.