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Is any action taken?

I have been reading various national and international newspapers for years. Some serious issues are always faced by the public of Pakistan for many letters are published on a regular basis as like child abuse, trafficking, street crime, lack of libraries, garbage issues and a large list.

Unfortunately, no action seems to be taken seriously. Child marriage which is, undeniable, depriving most children from happiness is always criticized in newspapers in different ways. Really, a number of letters get published on this only issue from different corners of Pakistan. But, yet I, actually nobody, can see if any action is or being taken.

This little piece of write is just to request the government and ,of course, the concerned authorities to take serious and immediate action on the complaints of the people which are published in various columns of various national newspapers.


Malir, Karachi

Deceptive accusations

It is with reference to the letter “attention please” by Parves Moula Baksh (27 march). As has blamed one of the painstaking students and writer, Dad Shah, of stealing his ideas and publications. However, these all are rootless and baseless accusations. Moreover, Dad Shah has a great command on English writing and speaking too. He has been one of the exemplary students of a well-known institutions (Rozhn Institute) in Malir Karachi, which has produced hundreds of other students.

On the other hand, Parvez Moula Baksh has some unwilling relations with him for he wants to encounter and pressurize him. Meanwhile the editors are neither illiterate that they publish copy paste. In short, it is requested to the editors to be concerned about such censure that harm the student’s mentality or spread a negativity in the atmosphere.



No-confidence motion

Imran Khan managed to collect a sizeable crowd which was however ludicrously smaller than the promised gathering of one million. Imran Khan’s use of religious terminology was exposed when one of the party’s widely known figures failed to correctly perform the “Azaan,” leading to protests from the crowd. Imran Khan showed no trump card at the public gathering that he had claimed he possessed.

He presented no proof of the alleged foreign funded conspiracy that he claimed was behind his political troubles other than a folded piece of paper that he waived for a moment only to put it back in his pocket. His Interior Minister also found ignorant of this mysterious piece of paper. How come the country’s security agencies which Khan once claimed were the world’s best and Pakistan’s first line of defence had no knowledge of the conspiracy?

Had Imran Khan possessed any solid evidence of an international plot to politically destabilize the country, the best way for him would have been to take the matter to Parliament and expose those involved. It appears that the claim was fake like Khan’s earlier oft-repeated statement regarding “35 punctures” that he later conceded was no more than a ‘political statement,’ in other words a political gimmick. An appeal to the crowds indicated that Imran Khan had lost hope of winning the battle for survival in the NA.

Attempts to remain in power have led Imran Khan to sacrifice his “Waseem Akram Plus” Punjab CM Usman Buzdar. The opposition has meanwhile won over four BAP, one PML-Q and another Balochistan MNA. The MQM has yet to decide its future. If the 14 PTI dissidents resign or are disqualified for life, Imran Khan will be short of over a dozen voters. The no-confidence move has been presented in NA. The NA Speaker is required to hold voting within seven days. Even if the PM manages to wait out the crisis, which seems quite difficult, he would emerge as a much weaker PM with a minority government.



Difference between criticism, advice

The human is the doer of mistakes. People undeniably make mistakes in their life and we can say that no one is born perfect. Of course, everyone succeeds by making mistakes. The best example for this is of Thomas Edison who has failed 999 times to invent light bulb.

But some people take the mistakes of others very seriously. Luckily for me, I am one of those people who cannot stand the mistakes of others and quickly point them out. I am really tensed to have such a bad and life threatening habit of which I pray to get rid of. Really, I do not know what happens to me when I see someone doing wrong and I ,without waiting for a minute, start to rectify.

Yes! I know I am not alone. There are others who are their own enemies. Because those who find the faults of others are considered criticizers while I think such people are independent and fearless as well as benevolent, advising others not to make mistakes again.

I want to apologize to all the people whose mistakes are pointed out by me. And especially I urge those who understand others and prevent them from doing wrong not to hurt the hearts of others and if they want to suggest them not do it in public like me because it can be dangerous and offensive. In the end, I would just like to say that criticism is something different whereas explanation and advising are two different things that everyone should know.


Malir, Karachi


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