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Concentrate on aviation safety

It is pretty much shocking to note that a Boeing 737 aircraft [belonging to China Eastern Airlines] has been involved in a deadly air crash [reportedly nosediving into the ground near southern China] killing almost all the 132 passengers on board.

These news reports have sent shockwaves across the world. Even though the world has been thriving on technological advances, it is time to concentrate on crucial factors like safety and security to name a few. Here it is all about air safety that has often been a talking point across the board.

More to the point, the joy of flying is something every human has been looking forward to. Still, I remember my first-ever happy air trip between Tuticorin and Mumbai via Chennai along with my parents. No doubt more people have been flying across the world these days than before. Yet, many more have been willing to do so for the sake of their families and profession. Hence, all the parties concerned like aircraft manufacturers and operators should stick to safety measures and foolproof security systems on aircraft.

As a person who just cannot control the joy of seeing airborne aeroplanes over native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu [déjà vu: I could hear the sound of a plane in the sky while preparing this letter], I [as a reader] have been writing about the aviation sector right from my professional years like 2007 and 2010 in Hyderabad where I had even a chance to witness a huge beautiful aviation expo. First up, the aviation sector has all the high points from advanced technology to excellent career.

So it can easily attract passengers and young talents alike. But unfortunately, numerous incidents of air crashes [many of which, down the road, have not yet been resolved right up till date] have long been a blot on the aviation sector. Therefore it is time for the international aviation sector and all the airliners involved to sort out all the loopholes in the system using advanced technology and operating high-end aircraft.



Ukrainian refugees

Now that everything has been razed to the ground in Ukraine through the bloody and mindless Russian attacks in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the right time has just come now to rehabilitate all those Ukrainians who have migrated to neighbouring countries as refugees. First off, news reports have confirmed the migration of millions of people out there. More than war and conflicts, the pain of migrating to foreign soil cannot be explained in words.

On the international front, we have so many instances like the Rohingya refugees’ migration, Mexico border problems and Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to name a few. Even things like relocation (happening everywhere in the world personally and professionally) will be a tough path for humans.

In my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, people have usually been relocating and migrating to various parts of India like Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, not to mention foreign countries, for their families and profession. Likewise one can understand the poor plight of the people of Ukraine. Despite a helping hand from various neighbouring European nations, it is still a long road up ahead involving all the practical complexities over there.

For this, the UN, tech giants like Google and Yahoo, and the international media houses must come forward to highlight their concerns/plight (especially children’s) through proper means and channels.

First up, food, medical and financial assistance should be sent to them by the agents like the UN. To top it all, sending those refugees back home to their country once the war is over should be the first priority. After all, being on foreign soil is not only difficult but will also pose serious challenges.



Police asking for sweets

On 23 March, I was travelling from Sukkur to Tando Allahyar with six students for a scholarship test. When we reached (Ayub Hotel) Hyderabad, we saw Sindh police officer who stopped our car for checking.

During checking, he asked us about our city, purpose of travelling and driving licence. After clearance of everything, he knew that we are students and going for a scholarship test, in spite of all, he asked for bribe in code word (Number dooo!), it was an insult to ask for bribe by an officer.

It was amazing to see such unethical behaviour in front of many people (including students/common people) and other police officers). Although they (police officers) are given huge salaries, they disturb common people as well as students for some money.

Either this was collective and supportive actions by the officers for bribe contribution or police department is so weak to control such officers. So, we request to IG Sindh and other higher authorities kindly look into this issue deeply and take some serious measures against such officers.



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