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Kashmir files

On 11th of March, a controversial movie was released in India named “The Kashmir Files”. This movie displays that in 1989-90, in Kashmir, Islamic militants stormed and banished Kashmiri Hindu pundits from the valley using slogan “Raliv, Galiv ya chaliv” (convert (to Islam), leave or die). The subject of the film was exodus of Kashmiri pandits that took place between late 80s and early 90s.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has endorsed and promoted the film. It was declared tax-free in multiple BJP governed States such as Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, with calls by several chief ministers and MPs for everyone to watch the movie.

The film has widely promoted Islamophobia which in terms of Prime Minister Modi and director of movie Vivek Agnihotri as revelation of truth. After watching the film people were heated with anger and frustration, aggressively stepped forward to humiliate Muslims. The film Kashmir Files is deep conspiracy and a malicious propaganda designed to trapp for Indian Muslims. Movie exhibits Kashmir as integral region which is a myth merely. The Kashmir was never integral part of India, However, after bullish accession of Indian army into the valleys of Kashmir, it was promised by the then Prime Minister Nehru to announce plebiscite but plebiscite never ensued. With the passage of time, Indian government elevated authorities and interposed central affairs including it in Kashmir.

Currently, Muslims are targeted, hijab is outlawed in schools, colleges and offices for Muslim women. The Constitution of India which provided umbrella of justice and protected rights of Muslims has now been torn apart, due to indolent and obsolete policies of ruling government.

The launch of the movie was certainly looked after by the government. The film is so sensitive that it burns old wounds and hurts emotions not solely of Hindus in particular but Muslims as well, who are demonstrated as brand ambassador of terrorism.


Khairpur Nathan Shah

On freedom of choice

Public wearing of hijab has been opposed in some countries, including India, forcing Muslim girls and women to stop wearing the piece of cloth. When wearing short dresses and sleeveless blouses by women and teenage girls is not an issue, then why Muslim women should be disallowed from wearing hijab that covers the head? If a woman can choose what to wear and what not to, then why a Muslim girl shouldn’t be allowed to clothe herself modestly?

Muslims round the globe should come together to support our Indian sisters in their fight against this denial of choice. Why are Muslim girl students denied their rights when the Constitution of India allows people to eat what they want, drink what they like and wear what they desire? If Muslim girl students are asked not to wear the hijab in classrooms, then same yardstick should be applied to students coming from other faiths.

The hijab row has reached a deplorable level. Recently, Udupi College Development Committee Vice-President, Yashpal Suvarna, said that those wearing the hijab are not students, they are agents of terrorist organisations. Suvarna, who is also a BJP leader, said that if the students don’t have respect for the Indian judiciary, then they can walk out of India. Isn’t this ridiculous of him to utter these words? In my opinion, he should be attested.


Mumbai, India

Patoki incident

What to say and what to write. It seems that when I’ll write, the ink of the pen will turn into a blood colour, the pen will shed tears of blood for this indifference. This is not just an incident, it is a tragedy of the loss of consciousness from the nation. Around which the beasts wearing human envelopes were enjoying their music. Assume that the fault lies with the individual, not the ruler. Who was the ruler who sat around this corpse and flew chickens?

Suppose indifference starts with me and you and the vein of society absorbs it. In a society where a soul is killed on the charge of pocket cutting simply because he was a poor man selling papar. Where are those who shout slogans of humanity, guarding the sanctity of human beings, here the corpse of a poor person could not be sanctified

This one incident proved that we are not worthy of being realized. This one corpse took away the right to complain from us. When we are given authority, we are even more cruel and insensitive than anyone. Words are vanishing, humanity is lost and man is mourning. Wait for your turn because what you give to society will turn back to you!



Lost conscience

The visuals of snacks seller went viral on social media which shook me to the core and compelled me to portray it with me. Mr Ashraf whose corpse was left lying on floor and people were busy in food fiesta! How deplorable the scene was it pinched the human in me and caused goosebumps! Are we really human beings? Or are we just imposters?

Vendor Ashraf went there to sell snacks in order to appetite the hunger and quench the thirst of his children. But, he was alleged as pickpocket and harshly beaten by the monsters who were there to attend marriage. He was killed, he was left unhonoured, unsung and unwept. He was left as he was not even a human being. He was left lying on the floor and men, imposters in human clothing, were busy in enjoying their meal.

What to say? What to write? What to portray more? If my pen were living entity, it would surely have committed suicide before penning it down!! Height of inhumanity, height of shamelessness, height of ruthlessness!! Resurrection is not far away, it is sure to come.


Agra, Sindh


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