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Bone of contention

Bone of contention between two arch rivals – India and Pakistan – is the longstanding unresolved issue of Kashmir. Annually, billions and trillions of rupees are allocated on account of defence budget which could be utilized on the poor people of their country to address many issues such as education, health, alleviate poverty and, of course, to pay off debt under which Pakistan especially is suffering a lot.

Unfortunately, both countries have fought three wars since separation but of no gain now since both countries have become nuclear armed countries, practically war cannot take place as not only India and Pakistan but neighbouring countries could also not imagine and afford to let them fight as it would have consequence far beyond the borders. So, it is incomprehensible not to resolve main issue between the two countries; resolving issue of Kashmir which is, in fact, a bone of contention between the arch rivals.

The people of both countries as well as their politicians should now realize seriously and sit together to ponder over and get the pragmatic solution of Kashmir issue which should be acceptable to both countries as well as by the people of Kashmir. Sooner we resolve the long-standing issue of Kashmir better the people of both countries would prosper and, of course, there would be a sigh of relief for the people of Kashmir.



Time to unite

At the time of partition, it was predicted that India and Pakistan would break up into ‘congeries of states’. The basis of this prediction was inability of the new ‘dominions’ to deal with myriad centrifugal forces gnawing into the body politics. In the post-independence period, India was fortunate to have visionary leaders. They tactfully muzzled insurgencies in East Punjab and the eastern states besides the Dravidian and Naxal Bari Movements.

At the same time, the Indian Union bowed to insurgents’ demands for the creation of new states. And, insurgency leaders became Chief Ministers! India forgot yesteryears when they used to burn to ashes copies of the Indian Constitution and uproot rail tracks. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and East Punjab merged into the Union and India stayed united because of its resilience; we disintegrated.

We have learnt nothing from the East Pakistan debacle. India is now engaged in what Kautliya calls maya yuddha (war of tricks) or koota yuddha (all-out warfare). She is out to isolate and undo Pakistan. Our leaders, civilian and others should understand how India — hand-in-glove with likeminded countries like Israel — is trying to repeat 1971. Wake up, the danger is real and knocking at our doors!



Bus conundrum

Road from Karachi to Quetta has numerous problems. Firstly, the roads are slippery and mostly single-lane. Buses that use the same route charge high fare from one thousand to several thousands. On the one hand, buses that stop for meals are unaffordable for many passengers. Things that are sold, are really expensive.

In addition, there are emergency gates which are mostly used in emergency cases, but unfortunately, these emergency gates are full with different materials like clothes, bags and many other items. Even though some are jammed for many years even they can’t be opened even after using hammers or multiple tools.

On the other hand, a few drivers take unlimited passengers. On the contrary, passengers are forced to stand inside buses instead of being seated. Additionally, drivers drive the buses with high speed which are a major causes of accidents.

Unfortunately, some drivers are involved in smuggling while using this route. They take many things such as, Soparies, wine, clothes and so on. Government is highly requested to ensure safety and security of passengers and also to deal with smuggling items so that passengers and their belongings are made.


Marri Abad, Hub


Unemployment is a term referring to persons who are actively seeking a job but are unable to find. In Pakistan, the unemployment rate is 4.7% and is increasing day by day. Lack of opportunities is the main causes of unemployment.

People already employed do favouritism and recruit their relatives, thus depriving the ones who are entitled to the job(s). The government is not generating opportunities for the youth that they use their abilities and let the people know of their skills. To cut costs and stem losses, companies begin laying off workers, creating a higher level of unemployment. Slow industrial growth is also the main cause. That’s how poverty spreads. If a person truly wants a job but can’t find employment, he/she can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

They will face self-esteem issues. And maybe all this will make their mind so stressed that they will go on to commit suicide or maybe they will choose the wrong path to earn money i.e., stealing, murdering, smuggling etc. It will impact society very badly. Through this letter, I request that the government should take a look at our economic system and job opportunities and take quick action on it, so that we can cope with poverty and the other issues and save our youths from committing crimes.



Russia-Ukraine conflict

All said and done, we can conclude that the Russia-Ukraine conflict occurred due to the inefficient leadership of USA. Let’s pray that the war ends soon and issues are solved through diplomatic talks.


Mumbai, India

Job problems in Balochistan

Unemployment is a major problems in Balochistan where many people are suffering because of unemployment. There are a lot of people who are unemployed because of government which is not supporting its citizen and not giving the basic rights of those people who are jobless and who need governmental help. Every year, nearly 25,000 students graduate from different universities of Baluchistan However, only 2,000 people manage to get job. The largest province of Pakistan has been deprived of good governance.

Thousands of Baluch are jobless, even though they don’t have three times meal to feed their children. It is dire need of the hour that the Government of Baluchistan must give rights to those people who are unemployed and jobless.



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