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Ord to regulate social media

The Constitution of Pakistan provides for “the independence of the judiciary” and defines the role of defence forces and the need that both these institutions working within their defined constitutional corridors must not be subjected to ridicule or slander.

Such a campaign can harm the national interest.

Both these state institutions must have no political or commercial conflicts of interest.

For example, if few within the judiciary such as Justice Munir resort to undemocratic irregularities like Doctrine of Necessity while in service, and post retirement serve a military dictator as a law minister, then such individuals cannot claim immunity to criticism and public rebuke.

Same is applicable to all other state institutions.

The basic objective of any Constitution is to guarantee the fundamental rights and welfare of citizens.

A State and all its institutions funded by the taxpayers exist to serve and protect the people and all state resources must be invested in development of human resources and providing them welfare.

Priority for welfare must be citizens, whose taxes fund the state, and not the welfare of its paid or elected elite.

All state institutions are answerable and accountable to citizens of a country.

Any individual or group, involved directly or indirectly in politics, or providing paid services, manufacture of consumer items or in land development and sale of housing colonies to the public must be open to public scrutiny and criticism for any irregularities, such as DHA Valley Islamabad which offered plots to public through computer balloting in 2009 and still have not given possession to those who have paid all instalments.

Sovereignty lies solely in Almighty Allah SWT and after him, it is vested in collective wisdom of citizens, expressed through their elected representatives in free and fair elections, without any manipulation by any paid state institution.




IM’s visit

The visit of the Interior Minister of Iran, Ahmad Vahidi, is a great ray of hope for the people of Pakistan.

No doubt, the Minister met with PM Imran Khan, Chief of Army, General Qamar Jawed Bajwa and Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

This could surely indicate about the security matters which the two countries are victim.

However, boarder fencing was also one of the highlighted issues in the meeting because it could reduce the threat of security matters for both.

Furthermore, border markets are to be established in nearby border areas to boost the local economy.

This visit of the Iranian Minister at such a crucial time has clearly given a message that both countries would not allow any kind of external power(s) to use their land against each other.



Online gaming

Things are good at the limit because excessive use of anything is harmful.

A case was reported in Lahore where a teenager shot dead his four family members after being influenced by the PUBG game.

The online gaming rate is increasing but the physical gaming rate is decreasing.

Youngsters and even children are addicted to these online games.

Physical games are good for health, mind and keep children active.

Excessive use of online games is damaging their health and making them inactive.

Online gaming causes stress, depression, aggression and criminal abilities among youngsters.

Suicide risk is also increasing.

They spend a lot of time with their phones and don’t spend quality time with their families.

They don’t give attention to their studies.

They are wasting their crucial time and their parents’ money.

Parents should give attention to their children and ask them to reduce their gaming time.

They should play just for enjoyment.

PEMRA should take steps to ban these violent games.




Unemployment is a very big issue in Pakistan which is not taken into consideration as it should be.

I wish to convey my thoughts about the escalating rate of unemployment in the city.

This is a problem to be reckoned with, and if we don’t do anything about it, the situation will worsen, and it will ultimately lead to complete social unrest and chaos.

Before speaking about the things that can be done to counter this problem, let me talk a bit about the causes of unemployment.

The lack of job opportunities is something that cannot be created in a day.

It only happens when a common problem goes unnoticed for days at a stretch, and no action is taken to resolve it.

The same can be said about our city, where the government has failed to take the right set of actions, which will lead to complete chaos.

Also, the degrading standard of education played a huge role as well.

Last but not the least, our government should set up an independent department for the eradication of unemployment.

Our government has already set up the department for the control of corruption, pollution, overpopulation, food shortage, etc.

A department for the control of unemployment will certainly produce good results, hope that the wide circulation of your reputed daily will spread my ideas far and wide.



Acid throwing

One of the most horrifying forms of gender-based violence in Pakistan is throwing acid (usually sulphuric acid )on women with an aim to take revenge, disfigure and harm the person.

It has long lasting physical and psychological consequences.

Pakistan is in the list of countries with incidence of acid attacks on women.

The opponents are most often relatives or rivals , sometimes for a woman’s affections or in non-gender based attacks, opponents provoked by property disputes or other disagreements.

In fact, nearly 150 incidents of acid attacks take place every year in Pakistan out of which about 50 occurred in Baluchistan alone.

Acid throwing is also a phenomenon in South Punjab as well as in parts of Sindh, being randomly spread throughout the country.

Acid throwing usually occurs when a male perceives that a female related/unrelated to him usually involves in some act which appears to be outside the limits of marriage or social norms.

It is requested to Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) to take a serious notice on this issue and try to eliminate it.



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