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to death

When Motorways can be closed for safety of all traffic due to fog and poor visibility, same can and should have been done for all traffic entering Murree, Nathiagalli etc through toll tax check-posts.

The total number of cars entering these toll check-posts should be available to the administration. It is responsibility of the State which collects taxes to ensure safety of all citizens who travel on motorways, roads etc. Collection of toll tax, vehicle tax etc is justified only if safety of citizens is ensured.

There was heavy snowfall forecast by Metrological office. Massive deforestation for real estate development erodes soil and adds to problems when there are heavy rains or snowfall. Given limited capacity of equipment required for clearing snow, common sense was required to anticipate consequences of traffic jams in heavy snowfall. There is limited capacity for parking of vehicles at Murree and other Galliats.

The NHA, GDA, District Administration, cantonments and all other state institutions, including traffic police and security agencies posted in Murree Hills should have coordinated to prevent callous loss of human lives who died stranded in their cars etc. Instead, irresponsible public office holders in Punjab and Islamabad claimed excess traffic entering Murree as show of prosperity, instead of cause for alarm.

All over the world airports are closed because of weather. Closure of airports, highways and motorways are essential when safety is compromised. Instrument Landing System ILS3 was installed at Lahore and also at new Islamabad Airport to facilitate landing of aircraft in poor visibility. All this money goes to waste if ILS3 system is not maintained and calibrated by CAA, for precision landing by hiring competent professionals to maintain them. Unfortunately, this ILS3 system at Lahore is declared non-functional during every winter when fog limits visibility.



Water crisis

Pakistan, along with many other countries, has been facing acute shortage of water. Yet higher authorities are looking non-serious in resolving this problem. The flow of water in Indus River in Sindh is very low in comparison to average. Not only crops have been suffering from this problem but water for drinking purposes has also been affected to a great extent. Most of the cities in Sindh are deprived of potable water. Resultantly, water-borne diseases have increased. It is also a fact that corruption is foremost factor in disruption of water supply. So essentially transparency is needed in government-run institutions along with elimination of malpractices. In many cities like Sehwan, Johi, Jamshoro etc, particularly Sehwan, city of mystic saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, is acutely facing drought. Sehwan is even deprived of potable water. It is the city from where present CM Sindh is elected for representation. But unfortunately, even he is unable to take any action.


Jamshoro, Sindh

Expensive electricity

Pakistani nation is facing an alarming increase in the cost of electricity. It has now become a trait of every political party to make false promises during election campaign, but when they come in govt they forget their promises. They do not pay attention to demands of people and work for their personal interest.

During this government cost of electricity has increased so much that middle and lower class people are unable to pay their bills. Inflation and dearness is very high and has become very difficult for people to live in this situation.



Air pollution

Through columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw attention towards a major environmental issue of air pollution also known as smog. Because of rapidly increasing population and traffic, air quality and environment of Lahore is getting worse by each passing day. Smog is a challenging issue that is persistently present for almost two decades now and is causing diseases like eye irritation, emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung infections, and cancers. The required air quality index should be less than 100 but nowadays it’s far more than 250, indicating the unhealthy environmental conditions.

To overcome smog, government and concerned departments should take appropriate actions against factories, industries and other major contributors of smog. There should be strict law to punish owners of such industries and factories that add to more pollution than permissible limits and if they do not follow SOP’s then impose a heavy penalty.




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