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Chairman CDA please!

Capital Development Authority (CDA) constructed 58 shops/stalls in Sector G-7, Islamabad, in the 1960s and licensed out to facilitate the residents. This scribe had taken possession of a stall (7x14sqf only!) from a licensee in 1980. Later on, CDA announced disinvestment policy for these shops/stalls vide Notification No. CDA/DMA-PA (1) 6/92, dated 09.07.1992. It was decided to cancel licenses of subletting persons and disinvest in favour of the occupants. Though some sub-letees entered into court cases yet, rejected. So, 57-shops/stalls were disinvested except this scribe due to court case between occupant and sub-letter.
Honb. Islamabad High Court ruled out (after 27yr) in favour of the petitioner on 05.03.2019. The ruling was/is “….instant petition is allowed and the impugned judgments and decrees passed by learned trial court as well as learned appellate court to the extent of suit filed by the petitioner are set aside; consequently, the suit filed by the petitioner is decreed as prayed for”!!
Since suited date of IHC occupant is requesting to CDA for implementation. I approached the concerned Department on 12 September 2019, and came to know that CDA is filing again an appeal in the Supreme Court for such a petty matter of “7x14sqf stall”. Certainly; it is against CDA’s own policy decision of 09. 07. 1992 and, also, SC’s level. This is the reason that piles of pending cases are piling up in courts!! Chairman (CDA) is therefore, requested to please direct concerned department for honouring Order of IHC; get due payment from occupant (as did in other cases) and make disinvestment accordingly. And, also save time of the Supreme Court, CDA and a senior citizen.

Education should be free in Pakistan

Article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan obligates the State to provide free and compulsory quality education to children of the age group “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by law”.
Education is the basic need for every child in this era of technology; unfortunately, Pakistan is very far from good education system even our Government educational institution has no quality and worth nowadays because of their drastically bad condition. Government of Pakistan should take this responsibility to renovate ghost schools and provide free education at least from pre-primary to intermediate because Pakistan has the lowest literacy rate after Nigeria.
Via email
Increasing tax revenues

The present government has set an ambitious target for this fiscal year in terms of tax collection – Rs. 5.5 trillion – to tide over its financial woes. It is commendable for Pakistan’s financial and tax managers to realize that the country must drastically enhance its tax collection system and bring those sections of society in the tax net that have evaded payment of taxes so far though they have been reaping high profits.
The tobacco and soft drinks sectors are the ones that make big profits. Among others, the government’s revenue collection machinery must focus on these sectors to achieve the new revenue collection targets. The government has already adopted various new means to increase its tax revenues. However, it is imperative for the tax managers to immediately introduce more innovative ways and means by which tax revenues can be further enhanced.
In this regard, the PTI government must not waste time in re-inventing the wheel and instead follow the most developed and efficient tracking systems prevalent both in the developed and developing economies to further expand the tax net through its own initiatives. It must take on board entities that meet international standards and regulations so that they can help it achieve its revenue targets through the use of technology, especially in those sectors that have a history of tax evasion. The government can then channelize these additional revenues into a genuine national development regime.

Kashmir dispute

This refers to article ‘Kashmir dispute: Convincing convinced’ by Dr. Muhammad Khan (September 14). The writer has correctly pointed out those efforts of our top leaders against India’s extreme savagery in occupied Kashmir amount to little more than ‘convincing the convinced’. Another point that needs to be considered is that people, small states and even human rights organizations are in no position to pressurize Indian leaders to reverse their beastly measures. As such, while these efforts are greatly applauded, they bring no real benefit.
Imran Khan also tries to frighten the world leaders of the consequences of a war between India and Pakistan which is likely to turn nuclear. This is also pointless. Now, if these leaders really cared about Muslims, three major powers – the United States, Britain and France – would not have needlessly destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya, thus causing massive death, destruction and suffering to millions of Muslims. As such, they could hardly be moved by tearful tales of suffering of Kashmiris or the plight of Pakistanis and Indians in case of a nuclear war. In fact, having re-shaped the Middle East to their liking, they would much prefer a bruised Pakistan which they dislike anyway as a strong ally of China.
Recently, defending his U-turns, Imran Khan said words to the effect that instead of continuing to bang head against a wall, sensibility demands analyzing the matter and developing a fresh strategy to deal with the matter. So, having tried all else, it is definitely time to adopt a realistic approach on occupied Kashmir which seeks significant relief for Kashmiris and safeguards our share of rivers. That would surely be preferable to banging head against the wall.

Overloaded colleges

There are only one Girls and one Boys College covering the whole areas of Turbat city. The students are more and numbers of seats available are less and that creates lot of problems for students. Similarly college buses are less and students are forced to hang outside due to overload buses, which is very dangerous. It is really hard for students to pay attention to lectures because of large number of students in one class.
It seems tough for students to understand lectures despite coming from far areas to study. Also both colleges lack potable water facility for students and students remain thirsty whole day and drink water when reach their homes. Similarly lack of trained and competent teachers is another issue being faced by the students.The provisional education authorities should pay attention towards our education system and provide us these facilities.
Turbat, Balochistan

Antitrust investigation in the US

It has been reported that Facebook, Google have been standing up to antitrust investigations in America. In the US, there have been tougher rules and regulations. This is the reason even the tech giants like Google are no exceptions. Let there be strong support and encouragement for all the technology hubs across the world. Opposition to and frequent lawsuits against Google are but an act of hatred, not in good taste. There should be or rather undisputed and genuine propensity [liking & love] for technology.
In general, most millennials show keen interest in learning and using technological advances to an unbelievable extent. I as a student along with others had taken up so many computer classes in my native areas like Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Let there be balance of power to ensure the maximum reach of the technology in the best interests of all.

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