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origin terrorism

This refers to your editorial ‘Afghan origin terrorism’ (December 31). The basic problem is that observing the developments in Afghanistan, we are left in absolutely no doubt despite their early promises and statements, the present Afghan Taliban rulers appear, at best, be only a slightly improved version of the old Taliban. And as they gather strength and consolidate their position, they seem to be shedding even these pretensions.

We know that recently, when the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan – harbouring in Afghanistan – claimed that it was a branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the Afghan Taliban rejected their claim and also repeated their former promise that Afghan soil will not be allowed to be used for attack on other countries. However, they also ‘advised’ our government to consider the demands of TTP which, among other things, include introduction of their brand of Islam in Pakistan and reversal of merger of tribal areas withthe KP. And that makes IEA and TTP, two of a kind. Also, attacks on Pakistan from Afghanistan-based terrorists are continuing, as stated in the editorial. We also know that faced with so many problems, it would be difficult for Afghan Taliban to prevent cross-border attacks by Afghanistan-based terrorists.

However, if they were really opposed to such attacks, they would have appreciated Pakistani efforts to fence the border, which is an effective way to stop these incursions. But the Afghan reaction was the exact opposite. They used force to stop the erection of fence in Nangarhar province and an Afghan state official proudly announced that their government has stopped Pakistani defence forces from erecting illegal fence.

Later on, the Pakistan government announced that the matter has been resolved peacefully, without clarifying as to whether the Afghan Taliban had dropped their opposition to the fence, or the Pakistani authorities have caved in, and stopped the erection of fence, probably on instructions from the PM who seems bent on keeping Afghan Taliban in ‘good humour’, least bothered about cost of this imprudent appeasement to Pakistan.



Ruthless winter

No religion is higher than humanity. Islam lays great stress on socio-economic well-being of the people. The Last Holy prophet PBUH has also laid stress on taking care of our neighbours saying that Allah SWT has emphasized to look after our neighbours who are in pain or need.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that neighbours may get right of inheritance in our property. But we have forgotten the golden principles of Islam and led our way astray. Little act of kindness can be a dream come true moment for someone whom it is shown upon.

Winter is leaping in and it would be in face of death situation for those whose only shelter is open sky. Winter is brutal, it goes irredeemable for people to endure such freezing cold without warm clothes and blankets. The ones who are able to help them out must come forward with open heart and help them by donating extra wear clothes. If we take a round of city in freezing cold we would find a number of homeless and helpless people lying on footpaths and roadsides shivering and trembling in blood freezing cold. We can donate them warm clothes and blankets to help them bear that insufferable cold. Our such little gesture of sympathy can bring a miracle in someone’s life. We should pledge ourselves that this winter we would not let any homeless and helpless person die of cold.


Agra, Sindh

5th generation wars

Unlike the previous wars of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations which were fought with swords, explosive weapons, air and naval forces. Then there comes 4th and 5th generation wars which are completely different from the previous ones. Cold war and Proxy war are termed as 4th Generation war.

The 5th and ongoing generation war is of complete destruction without involving a real warfare scenario.

The fundamental targets of 5th Generation war includes estrangement between target – Army and nation, demoralising them, economic instability, isolating the nation internationally etc.

The main intention of 5th generation war is to make target army surrender without fighting and invade thier country.



Western culture

Western culture, also known as Western lifestyle, is a broad term that refers to a collection of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems and specific artefacts and technologies with a European origin or association.

The advantage of western culture is that it also aided in the globalization of the economy and the development of more efficient methods of producing goods and services. Another advantage is the modernization of medical methods, which leads to an increase in life expectancy but, on the other hand, it also affects our culture, our conventions, tradi-tions, social and moral behaviour as well as our love and respect for others, all reflect the influence of western civili-zation.

People nowadays like to live independently and do not want to be bound by Pakistani customs and traditions. Peo-ple like to wear jeans, short clothes, skirts, etc., which is not our Pakistani culture. Our culture is to keep ourselves hidden from NA-MEHRAM but now we reveal our bodies. OH! people of God keep yourself hide and don’t show yourself to others. You are the creation of God and you don’t need to make yourself western.



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