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Unfortunate fate of Karachi

In 1947, Karachi was a relatively small port city with very few local inhabitants. When Karachi was declared as capital of Pakistan, there was a need to develop its infrastructure. This city also happened to be the birthplace of Father of Nation MAJ. People from all over Pakistan, including hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants chose to settle in this city and benefit from the vast opportunities that a new nation offered.

Whilst Karachi and the Federal Government welcomed all shades of ethnicities and faiths to live in peace and harmony with each other, they all benefitted. With exception of a few original Parsi residents or Mayor Naimatullah, this city has suffered neglect and abuse of both MQM and PPP ever since the 80s. For over 13 years, Karachi and its destiny was in the hands of Altaf Hussain-led MQM. Although the party was created to dilute the PPP vote bank.

The peace and security of life and property and the spirit of tolerance that was unique to this city, suffered a blow under the watch of Musharraf. Kidnapping for ransom, China Cutting, target killings, MQM torture cells emerged in the city, which was once known as the City of Lights.

Land allocated for amenity parks, including state-owned real estate was forcibly occupied by Altaf’s goons. There was no sense of ownership of Karachi by the beneficiaries of this plunder, who transferred billions to their foreign bank accounts, where their leaders chose to live with their families.

The PPP cannot absolve itself of the gross misgovernance and neither can Altaf-led MQM. What Karachi needs is a sense of ownership and tolerance by the majority of its residents and the need to give back to the city which offered them jobs, home and prosperity.



Golra Mor Underpass

Respected Editor, A longstanding issue of direct access for the sectors I-14, I-15 and I-16 is going to be resolved as the National Highway Authority has called bids to remodel and improve the Golra Morr by constructing an underpass worth Rs. 717.65 Million on main GT road. The said underpass would not only ease the traffic flow on GT road but also connect the underdeveloped sector of I series with the main city via Srinagar Highway.

The ‘I sectors’ were designed to provide low-income housing and have been stalled for years owing to negligence by the authorities concerned. Successive CDA managements have claimed a number of reasons for their lack of interest in developing these areas.

Though, the civic authority had started development work in these sectors at a rapid pace in recent months and started developing the main roads but the major link between the city and said sectors was missing which shows that these sectors are not part of Islamabad.



Pakistan Observer

‘Pakistan Observer’, over the years, has done a commendable job in bringing to its readers information, reports and opinions so vital in this age of media. I started writing for newspapers and magazines when I was in the eighth standard. Our in-house school magazine for which I was the editor, would always carry my write-ups — be it a poem, a short story or a G.K. Quiz. During this time, I would also write for other local newspapers and magazines too.

When I completed my graduation, I decided to take up journalism as a career, which I did. Soon, I started writing for other newspapers and magazines too. My association with ‘Pakistan Observer’ has always been great. The one thing, I like about ‘Pakistan Observer’ is that it has given a place to new writers, which is a very good thing unlike other newspapers.

‘Pakistan Observer’ has also not skipped any edition during the pandemic and lockdown period like other newspapers. Besides myself, my wife Shirley and daughter Sweta also likes reading ‘Pakistan Observer’, as the news is reliable and published only after investigating it. The newspaper also does not contain yellow journalism. I very strongly recommend people that they read ‘Pakistan Observer’, a newspaper that contains news from every nook and corner of the world.


Mumbai, India


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