Robbery, theft cases on rise

Sher Gondal
Mandi Bahauddin

Robbery, theft, drug mafia cases are on rising in Mandi district. In the past few days, Robbers rounded up two brothers near Kandhawala village and snatched their cash. On resistance, the robbers opened fire that hit on the foot of one of the brothers.

The robbers then fled away. In Mjuahidabad locality of the Mandi city, the robbers made an attempt to break into the house of one businessman. On resistance, they fired at the businessman and wounded him.

The previous night, the thieves broke into two shops of Motorcycles after making holes in the walls and took away seven motorcycles Honda 125, and ten lakh rupees cash.

Besides, drug peddlers run dens where all kinds of drugs are sold openly. Residents around the drug dens blame the dens are run with the connivance of local police.

The citizens of this district strongly condemn the district administration for poor service delivery. They complain the citizen portal, Khuli Kecheri has failed to improve service delivery to the citizens. The officers mostly keep them busy in attending the conferences and meetings and do not attend public problems.

Revenue staff including Tehsildar remain absent on duty as they are not available at their offices and place of duty. In case one find a chance to meet Tehsildar, he directs him to contact his leader. Leader and other revenue staff refused to entertain citizens for listening to their problems unless they are not gratified.

The same situation prevails in police stations. Because of increasing corruption, it is becoming almost impossible for the grieved citizens to get relief. Complaints against corrupt officials made to superior offices are not given response. Because of this, no agency is available to make the corrupt officials accountable.

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