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Enforcement of T&T

Tax evasion is one the oldest and biggest economic challenges of Pakistan. We cannot ensure achievement of macro-economic goals and get rid of the IMF until and unless revenue collection is increased to cover expenses.

It is unfortunate that Pakistan ranks among the lowest countries in the region in terms of tax to GDP ratio and yet an estimated Rs.300 billion is lost every year due to illicit trade in only 5 sectors.

Only in the tobacco sector the market share of illicit cigarette sales has reached 40%, costing the national exchequer more than Rs 70 billion annually in taxes alone.

Luckily, there is a realization for the same at the highest level and the Prime Minister is witnessed highlighting it. To counter tax theft, the Government has recently launched a track and trace system, initially for … industries.

Although it is a commendable effort, there are serious reservations on its implementation in letter and spirit as despite passage of so much time, it has not been yet completely installed in the first industry it was introduced to.

We must not forget that we can not payback to the IMF until and unless our revenue collection is increased.

Considering the native and modern day challenges, we have to increase the tax collection or we would need bailouts, one after another.


Cultural and ethnic disparity

There is a favoured concept in our society to create images of certain people on the basis of their ethnicity and background.

In this modern world, people are still the slaves of centuries old norms. Cultural unacceptance has ensnared minds of such a vast number of people in Pakistan from accepting different realities of vast groups.

It is still practised in our society to mock other cultures and pass insulting remarks on different values and traditions.

This cultural disparity has divided the people of Pakistan on social and even moral grounds. It is extremely disappointing to see Pakistan being gripped in the claws of differences.

I would like to draw the attention of masses towards this serious issue through your columns. There should be proper awareness on cultural equality. There is no such thing as low culture or high culture. Everyone is learned in their own way.


Child labour

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the public towards the child labour and how it’s destroying the child’s life. A child is very sensitive and needs love and attention for development.

But the perilous thought of placing them into labour from such a tender age is a thought that humankind ought to be embarrassed about. With a pace of 10.1 million children filling in as workers between the age of 5-14, this country needs to approach the matter with great attention.

Some families cannot give proper attention and education to children but that ought not be a reason to give them something to do.

Instead, steps should be taken to reach out to government schools for their education and care. Guardians can contact NGOs that help and support child education.

Orphanages should give proper attention to the children by giving them education and instructions and in no way should take advantage of not presence of their parents and trick them into child labour.

As that situation is not good, I request you to publish this through your column and spread awareness about the evils of child labour and how it tends to be finished.


Traffic Pressure on Mingora

It is through your esteemed paper that I want to invite the attention of the govt towards a very serious problem – the ever-increasing traffic volume in Mingora city – that has made the life of the residents a hell.

The main trunk road and the adjoining roads that pass-through Mingora city, are of olden days, mostly of State era, which were meant for a few cars.

The present traffic flow is simply beyond control which, as a result, is causing bottlenecks at various places contributing to the overall congestion.

Having no proper digital traffic signals, is a critical problem both for locals and traffic police authorities. One of the big problems is that the present population influx in Mingora city; that has got double since 2010.

Careless driving and no regard for traffic laws contribute to the traffic mess in Mingora. Mostly NCP vehicles are doing the rounds and add to the traffic quantum when the fact is there is hardly any record of such vehicles with the authorities.

Big businesses run on the roadside. It is indeed tough to either relocate them to other places or just disband their stalls and clear the road for smooth flow. Most shopkeepers have arranged their goods outdoors thus narrowing the lane and creating troubles for passing vehicles.

In Mingora city, very few peoples use indicators during crossing the lanes. Most drivers overtake on wrong side, there is also no proper parking places and U-turns. Unfortunately our government takes these problems less serious but these problems have serious effects on our society, both socially and environmentally.

It has been noted by the residents of Mingora that government is taking no action to solve such a severe problem.
Mingora Swat

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