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Kidney Hill to Nasla Tower

The unfortunate reality is that gross irregularities, including illegal occupation of state lands, forests, amenity parks have occurred so frequently and defiantly that it has been adopted as a practice by the powerful land mafia and their partners within the corridors of power.

Had it not been for UK NCA and London Court of Appeals, the BP190Million given to Pakistan and returned to Bahria Don would never have been revealed. He maybe denied visa by UK, but he continues to enjoy clout in Pakistan.

In Karachi, major land irregularities started when Kidney Hill, a 62-acre hill-top plateau notified under KDA Order of 1957 as an amenity plot for recreational purposes was encroached by OCHS in nexus with various corrupt elements who developed and sold residential plots.

A fraudulent agreement was signed in 2006, which was challenged and still awaits final settlement. The main characters of OCHS still manage to evade punishment and live comfortably in Manchester UK, while poor citizens who have been swindled bear the burden.

Nasla Tower built on land, part of which was a road, has been ordered to be demolished by SCP, because there is no law which permits such illegal construction.

However, poor citizens who invested their lifelong savings to buy apartments after ensuring that NOC was issued and approval for building given by the competent authority, still await justice.

The association of builders, who chose to remain silent when such irregularities are committed by their members are now shedding crocodile tears.

They should be forcing the builder to compensate poor citizens who are the victims, while the SCP must ensure that residents are compensated as per prevailing market price.

It is not just Karachi, but every city of this country where such irregularities have become a norm. Just like the Law of Necessity this “Third Party Interest” is being abused to prevent the law from taking its course.

Even statutory bodies like DHA Valley Islamabad collected billions from citizens between 2009-2011, who have not been allotted promised plot even after 11 years.

Nasla Tower demolition

Recently, the Supreme Court strictly ordered the Sindh government to demolish the Nasla Tower and submit its report on due date.

Initially, Sindh government took out doors and all other necessary things. And, in second step, government was to demolish the building. However, 14 families sit in front of heavy machinery to bulldoze them first and then building.

Nevertheless, high personalities opened up their mouth in favour of Nasla Tower residents and asked the Supreme Court.

Why these laws are not applicable for Bahria Town and all other illegal housing schemes authorities which are only being imposed on Nasla Tower residents? And, also requested the Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed to reopen the case and find out a best way like Grand Hayat Apartments (charged 17 billion rupees on January 2019 by Supreme Court).

Pakistanis ask the Supreme Court innocently why 17 NOC (No Objection Certificate) licensors of Nasla Tower walking freely? Whether they are powerful or better than anything, what is reason behind this? Why no cash back to residents, where they should live? Public is Pakistan, Pakistan asks the government and its high authorities to seek out a best solution and facilitate the Pakistanis.

Pasni, Gwadar

Genetic analysis

Cognitive dysfunction (CD) is a sophisticated term for intellectual disability or mental retardation. It is characterized by limitation in adaptive or personal skills and onset of the disease in childhood.

Cognitive dysfunction is an overall low intelligence quotient (IQ). The average IQ standard is assumed 100 in general population and it is considered low if it ranges below 70.

Adaptive skills deficit include lacking in daily-living skills, social and communication skills. Cognitive dysfunction affects 1-3% of general population and has serious impact on the life of affected individuals, their families and the society as a whole.

Cognitive dysfunction sometimes accompanied by malformations and dysmorphics features like muscular weakness, skeletal defects etc and sometime have no co-morbid features.

Neurodevelopment disorders are among major health concerns in low and middle-income countries due to social and economic hindrances.

Pakistan is a country among higher reported rates of childhood intellectual disabilities in world. The prevalence estimates vary from 19.1/1000 for serious intellectual disability to 65/1000 for mild intellectual disability.

Consanguinity is an important determinant of inherited disorders. Consanguinity is one of the main causes of infant mortality and neurodevelopment disorders in Pakistan.

Consanguineous marriages are considered one of the main etiological factors in the high prevalence of genetic disorders in Pakistan. The high levels of inbreeding are somehow linked to a generally reduced cognitive ability.

Consanguineous marriage is defined as the union of two individuals having a common ancestor. The rate of consanguinity is very high in Pakistan (>60%) with 17–38% first-cousin marriages.

Cognitive dysfunction represents one of the most difficult challenges faced today by clinicians and geneticists due to its extreme heterogeneity.

The extremely heterogeneous causes are contributed by environmental and genetic factors and have been diagnosed in only one half of the cases.


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