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Jadoo ki jhappi

Cricket has always been a great sport to watch and when it comes to a match between Pakistan and India, sentiments run high.

Most of the matches between the two rivals are lost because of the pressure on players from their home countries.

Pakistan and India will be facing each other once again today in Dubai in T20 World Cup match after many years.
When two teams enter the ground, one has to lose.

Even if the match ends in a tie, one team outdoes the other. In order to tone down the emotions and let players of both the countries play tension-free, players of both teams should hug each other before the start of the match.

Many players from both teams are very good friends in their personal life and they must be meeting each other after many years.

This gesture of hugging will not only tone down the tension from the minds of players but will also send positive vibes amongst both the nations. ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’ works.


Aryan Khan’s arrest

According to me, Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shahrukh Khan has been arrested because he is a Muslim. Not just Muslims, but even Christians are targeted/harassed in India
Mumbai, India

Evil of late marriages

I would really like to pay your kind interest towards the need of early marriages of the children of our nation.

We’re living in the world having vast technology and developing increasingly. And in this era, unfortunately, marriage has grown to be a very big issue. If someone thinks about marriage, he, without delay, considers all the strains, hassles and responsibilities.

The reality is, marriage is quite simple but because of our traditions, way of life and customs, marriage has turned to be luxurious and ‘wrong path’ has become to be reasonably-priced.

There are various contributory reasons of late marriage. A few among them are: dowry, an extravaganza in making marriage, unemployment and settlement outside of native places.

Dowry is the oldest social evil that is still winning in each diffused and obvious methods and it is one of the primary existing reasons of overdue-marriages.

Extravaganza in marriages is another element that contributes to late marriages. We often witness the new reprehensible trend of serving dishes beyond limits in wedding feasts.

Unemployment additionally impacts late marriages. To live the life of prosperity is the intention of every person which isn’t always feasible without employment.

To clear up this great difficulty, every one needs to come forward for the elimination of above-mentioned problems.

Anti-dowry legal guidelines ought to be stricter which can help to comprise the problem. They need to consider lower-class who get suffered through their undesirable demonstration. Unemployment is a prime concern and is growing uninterruptedly.

Lastly, we as Muslims shouldn’t forget “Nikah” has been made easy. By complicating and making it tough we are giving area to evils for which we would be blameable on the resurrection day.

The concerned authorities and society are therefore requested to look into this matter without any delay and take suitable steps to solve the problem.


Short, poor and dirty water supply

Through the columns of your reputed newspaper, I want to seek attention of the concerned authorities towards the problem of short, poor and dirty water supply in our colony (Walton Road, Model Colony).

There is a great shortage of water in our colony. We are receiving water for only two to three hours in the entire day. water pressure is very low that it is very difficult to complete the household work in time.

Water supply is also very dirty and unclean. A lot of abdominal diseases like Hepatitis A, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and dengue are spreading among the people of our colony due to usage of this dirty water.

To meet water requirements, people have to buy water from the tankers. The quality of water supplied by them is also low and unsanitary. Residents of our colony have been facing this problem for the last five months.

I, therefore, request the concerned authorities to improve the quality of water and to ensure the proper and regular supply of water in our colony, so that the people do not face the problems. Everyone is well aware that water is our basic necessity and we cannot do anything without it.


Medical reimbursement

There is no denying the fact that government employees in Pakistan have been given numerous facilitations such as accommodation, fuel, vehicles and medical in ample ways as offered by Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Sindh Provincial Governments.

It is saddening to apprise that employees in Sindh government are facing enormous hardships in health facilitation, offered by incumbent provincial government, which remain ineffective and useless due to long procedure for claiming medical bills and delaying tactics.
Woefully, the truth is bitter to accept, swallow and digest.

The budget for medical facility, allocated to numerous departments by Sindh Government, has not specified or allowed to individual employees including official and officers in their salary accounts like separate GP Fund Account or casual leave account where every employee is allowd to enjoy 25 days in a calendar year despite their difference in position or scale.

In various departments, practices related to medical reimbursement reveal that the lion share of medical budget is always swallowed by high rank officials in claiming their heavy medical bills despite enjoying the other perks and privilege on holding administrative posts every year.

Despite the entitlement of only medical facility to employees of Non-Administrative posts, they, being on Gazetted positions, remain deprived of it. These employees include school teachers, lecturers, Assistant Professors, Principals and Headmasters as well.

Besides visiting and approaching Finance and Administrative department due to poor process, they have to wait in queues for three to six years until they are given opportunity by high officials even for claiming their medical bills of meagre amount ranging from 20 to 30 thousand only.
Shikarpur, Sindh

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