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LNG import

It is funny to see how some journalists are taking an interest in LNG prices and ordering mechanism. It is funny because these journalists are avoiding the main question when discussing RLNG supply.

Which is, Does Pakistan really need to import LNG? A study conducted by USAid a few years ago found out that Pakistan has 20 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of conventional gas reserves. While it also found that Pakistan has 200 TCF of shale gas reserves. That is an increase of 1000%.

To put it into perspective the world’s largest gas reserves are with Russia, Iran and Qatar. Russia has proven gas reserves of 39.4 TCF, Iran had 32.1 TCF and Qatar has 24.7 TCF according to one data set.

And on top of that these journalists also forgot to ask how come Shiekh Imran-ul-Haq, the MD of Engro, become the MD of PSO at the time of Engro RLNG contract? Was it not a conflict of interest?

The reality is that Pakistan could be an LNG exporter, but somehow Pakistan became RLNG importer.

And even now the journalists fail to ask how and why this was the case? Who made Pakistan to import LNG? Why did Pakistan install LNG plants when we could create 50,000 MW from Hydro energy?

Police high handedness

On 02 October 2021, I went to Hyder Chowk Hyderabad for buying books for the CSS examination as I am an aspirant to appear in the examination to be held next year.

As I was heading towards the bookshop after buying a mobile charger from Chandni Mobile Market Hyderabad, some policemen surrounded me and asked to show them my Corona Vaccination Card. I told them I have not vaccinated yet and could get my vaccination next week.

The SHO Cantonment police station not only misbehaved but also gave me life threatening warnings of enforced disappearance as well as used pejorative language publicly.

After that, he forcibly took me to the police station where, after a great deal of arguments, the SHO released me after two hours.

I appeal to the Sindh government Police Chief, Deputy Inspector General of Police to look into this matter as I think none but the leadership of the Sindh Police Service is responsible for the travails of the citizens and the untold miseries the cops heap upon them.

They cannot throw the blame on junior investigating officers and try to get away. It is an abject supervisory failure if they cannot prevent their subordinates from committing horrible atrocities.

Extremely few victims, however, have the resources and the perseverance to take things to their logical end.

Most people would prefer to thank God when they are acquitted at last, and blame their fate or karma for the sufferings of the trial.

I know the police are for public safety but SHO like him ruined the reputation of the Police department.

The unilateral decision taken by police to arrest citizens without Covid vaccination cards from the streets was utterly ridiculous. They cannot detain people en masse.


Rising China

The rising economy of China and its vast political influence has brought the world to its knees.

This economic growth has been hurting the world, especially the West and they are witnessing to see the decline of the US hegemony all over the world.

All this has become possible for China due to its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its benevolent policies that are successfully implemented in poorer countries such as Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Congo, etc.

On its behalf, the US and other G-7 countries have initiated the Quad and AUKUS groups just to counter China but all this seems to go in vain.

Washington has termed China the greatest national security threat and is doing all it could to contain China. The US sees China as its rival. It might lead towards another cold war in the region and obviously it will be more devastating than the past ones.

Malir Karachi

Social evils

Children are the future of any nation. Healthy development of children is the priority of a country. Child labour engulfed children around the globe.

Child labour is described as work that deprives youngsters of their childhood, as well as their ability to work.

It also endamages their physical, mental, social health and impedes their school life by depriving them of the opportunity to go to school.

Education is the most basic part of the development and progress of our nation. But hidden child labour has great negative impact on growth and evolution of a country.

The policy and laws are present against child work but due to lack of strict enforcement Of labour restrictions destroy the future not only of single individuals but also of their families and the entire nation.

So, the government should focus on the grassroots techniques against child labour which requires involvement of many approaches such as medical, psychological, sociological to cut this wicked evil from society.

Poverty is a fact but the decision is yours whether you want temporary progression of society or permanent destruction of nation development by imposing its future in hidden labour realities.


Extreme poverty in Zimbabwe

Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and lets injustice thrive.

The Zimbabwean government has shown that they have no plans, commitment and zeal to eradicate poverty which is now deep rooted in Zimbabwe.

Poverty in Zimbabwe is forcing citizens to continuously leave the country in search of better living standards and employment.

South Africa cannot cope with an estimated six million Zimbabwean citizens.
Graduates in Zimbabwe have no hope of getting any employment and these graduates are planning to leave the country.

It is a sign of failure by the Zimbabwean government when 40 to 50 buses from Zimbabwe cross the Limpopo River into South Africa daily. This is one of the signs of extreme poverty in Zimbabwe.

Prostitution, corruption, lawlessness, drug abuses and many elements of the broken societies in Zimbabwe are clearly visible. The root cause of extreme poverty in Zimbabwe is poor governance.

The ZANU PF government led by Emerson Mnangagwa has clearly failed to eradicate poverty in Zimbabwe and, therefore, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his beleaguered ZANU PF party should be voted out in 2023.



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