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Career guidance

I, as a teacher, found many students in my career, absolutely clueless about why they are studying at all and what career they should choose.

The root of the problem is that in schools, they are taught from very early stages of education that the sole purpose of education is to attain a higher status in society.

But they are, unfortunately, deprived of an environment that might enable them in developing their own preferences and self-analyzing themselves.

This leads them to imitate “others’ preferences” and goals which usually do not match with their own personal traits and potentials.

Therefore, it sometimes becomes hard for students to maintain interest in the chosen field, because maintaining interest in the chosen subjects depends largely on how meticulously a student has analyzed subjects and his/her own propensity before selecting them.

If career options are selected after careful investigation of their possible impact on students’ career and if students themselves are much well-aware about their utility in their own life, then there is a strong possibility that students’ interest remains not only intact but it might grow as they progress in the chosen subjects.

During my teaching career, I found many such students who study to be engineers but they do not have any interest in science and technology-related subjects.

Their decision of choosing engineering as a career option is driven largely by the ‘social instigations’ rather than their own inclinations.

I am of the opinion that at school level it should be made compulsory that school administrations must include an additional subject in syllabus related to career counselling and a teacher skilled in ‘motivational stuff’ and educational psychologist must be appointed to guide and inspire students for career-related decisions.
Digri, Mirpurkhas

Shiv Sena
will lose BMC elections

Uddhav Thackeray, the CM of Maharashtra, is confident that he will win the municipal election which is going to be held soon in Maharashtra.

But my instincts tells me that he will lose it because he has harassed us a lot right from day one of his tenure as the Chief Minister.

Like the PM, he too makes promises but never fulfils them. Sharad Pawar is the best person to rule Maharashtra.

He was the CM from July 1978 to February 1980 and from March 1990 to June 1991 and again from March 1993 to March 1995 and we never had any problems during his tenure as the CM. He has also never harassed us.

Mumbai, India

No freedom
of religion!

Lately, this saddened me to hear that a 7-years-old girl Niqab was forcefully removed by a teacher in an intellectually developed country like America.

Though the world has progressed in all ways, there still isn’t religious freedom anywhere.

Masses are threatened and molested everywhere on the basis of their religious beliefs. No doubt, the whole globe is sunk into the unappealing waves of Islamophobia.

Muslims end up with brutality, inequality, injustice and discrimination. Especially victimized Muslims of Islamophobia in the West seem to lose their political, social and economic status.

I sum up appealing to the United Nation Organization and nternational authorities to take concrete steps in order to end Islamophobia. It is high time that the globe should ensure a freedom of religion in all aspects.

Mental health

It is insane for the Zimbabwean government to abandon and neglect mental health issues when most Zimbabweans are going through suicidal thoughts, anxieties and depression because of toxic politics, climate of fear and economic hardships beyond belief. The rate of suicides in Zimbabwe has climbed up because of the hopelessness in Zimbabwe.

The economy is completely shattered, there are no prospects for jobs and the government is careless, clueless and corrupt to solve the problems that have driven millions of Zimbabwe into foreign countries where they have strained public resources particularly in South Africa with an estimated six million migrants from Zimbabwe.

People suffering from mental health in Zimbabwe are considered as social outcast, exposed to excessive abuse varying from physically to emotionally abuse from their own communities and close family members.

The Zimbabwean government has failed to address the issues of mental health and have not done any campaigns, awareness and advertisements to remove stigma around the people with mental health issues.

The President of Zimbabwe has dismally failed to turn around the economy of Zimbabwe and address the issues surrounding mental health in Zimbabwe and therefore he should have psychiatric needs reviewed as he lacks the capacity to govern Zimbabwe in a sane and normal way, so that the economy can improve and Zimbabweans will not run away to other countries in search of better living standards and jobs.


Promoting tourism

Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, is full of adventurous spots and proves to be advantageous in promoting tourism in Balochistan.

If tourism is promoted in Balochistan, tourists from around the country and world will visit areas of scenic beauty and historical significance while making good memories during their stay.

Interestingly, they will spread the impulse of peace, culture and good attraction of world tourists. Promoting tourism will also have a good impact on Pakistan’s economy.

Furthermore, tourism industry will create business and employment opportunities for locals such as business of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, transport industry, etc.

The provincial government of Balochistan must give significant mention of tourism in PSDF schemes.
Turbat, Balochistan