OIC speaks for Indian Muslims



THE Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has strongly condemned the rising wave of Islamophobia, hate speech and hate crimes motivated by the Hindu supremacist Hindutva ideology in India with the tacit complicity of the BJP- led Indian government.

In a statement issued in Jeddah, it expressed serious concern over increasing incidents of systematic violence, mob attacks, public lynching and dehumanizing political tirade against Muslims in parts of India.

The statement carries shocking references to what is happening to Indian Muslims who are being marginalized by the Hindu majority and that too with the tacit approval of the Government.

It rightly pointed out that such majoritarian rhetoric and discriminatory measures in India against the Muslims were contrary to the ideals of pluralism, counterproductive to societal cohesion and clear manifestation of Islamophobia.

The bold stand taken by the OIC on the plight of Indian Muslims would hopefully go a long way in not only highlighting their miseries but also mounting global pressure on the Indian Government to shun its discriminatory posture towards Muslims and adopt tangible measures to protect their life, properties and rights.

It has urged the Indian government to fulfil its international human rights obligations by ensuring the safety and security of the Muslims, protecting the rights of its Muslim minority to practise their religion, free from any coercion or discrimination and bringing to justice the perpetrators of the heinous hate crimes without impunity.

Scores of other reports by the international human rights community also highlighted the repressive tactics being used by the Indian Government and the Hindu majority to deny Muslims their due place in the society but the Indian Government remains unmoved as these reports have not translated into practical measures to safeguard their rights.

We would, therefore, urge the OIC to take up the issue with member states and come out with a concrete plan of action to persuade India to end systematic repression and economic exploitation of Indian Muslims.

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