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lost another diamond

The real/sterling protagonist of Pakistan, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan bade adieu to this mortal world for good; leaving the nation totally dejected, disquieted, devastated, befuddled; plunging into plight of melancholy.

He will always surely be missed and his meritorious services rendered for the nation of Pakistan will let never be slipped one’s mind and his gallant assistance to help facilitate Pakistan become an atomic power, moreover, being enabled nation to avert beast military aggression, war and ghastly hostility from our sworn nemesis, India.

He will always keep alive in our hearts; thoughts. I pay my glaring tribute to this illustrious personage. May Allah endue him with eternal abode in Jannatul Firdaus and give strength this nation to endure this irrevocable loss!!

Kashmore, Sindh

Lost a legend!

My heart felt heavy after listening about the death of a legendary figure Abdul Qadir Khan (01 April 1936 to 10 October 2021).

He was a Nuclear Scientist and played an pivotal role in the Pakistan Nuclear Programme. His nation-saving deterrence constantly contributed to Pakistan’s security.

His spirit of patriotism and his service with regard to the country’s defence will always be remembered from child to child. Our nation will continue respecting his services. No doubt, such heroes will continue to live in the golden pages of history. I pay my deep condolences at the death of this legend. May His soul rest in peace.


Why Afghanistan
is in chaos?

Life is hard and time is the toughest player to play with the life in different styles. Same is the case with Afghanistan where a lot of players are still trying to play their dirty games for their own interests.

Though, Afghanistan is a golden piece of land in the Asian region where people of this war-torn country are continuously struggling for the freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and many more related to human rights.

And their efforts couldn’t prove fruitful because different powers, especially US along with her allies, tried to put pressure on the masses to bear the burden of corruption and corrupt leaders.

The US fought a long war on terror over there for the security and peace of her own state not because of Afghanistan’s grim situation.

Unfortunately, the wave of human rights, especially children and women rights, violation started there just after the end of war between the US and the (former) Soviet Union.

The superpower of the world played a hostile and great game in the region on the basis of a bogus claim that she wants to change the hard country into a peaceful and politically stable country.

On the other hand, the sudden decision of American Administration about complete withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan till August 2021 was not only terrible but shocking news for the entire world.

Hence, the harsh decision of the superpower raised so many questions which are surely not going to be answered by Joe Biden. As onward now Afghanistan is not his priority. The US alone is not only the reason of failure of Afghanistan government and Afghan National Army.

There are so many other factors which led the country into this difficult situation. Firstly, the long-term military interference and influence of international states and non-state actors in the country’s domestic and regional matters.

Kashmore, Kandhkot

Uncivilised act

Quite strange, I have seen many people relieve themselves publically into open drains and at various corners of different streets.

Such people do not care the man and woman, the young and old, the adult and kid passing by them. Uncivilized, relieving oneself has become commonplace in Shikarpur.

While going through such streets and spots, not only they stink of stench strongly but cause the spread of many diseases around. Also, while doing so, people do not wash themselves properly which is in itself an unhygienic habit.

On accosting to such a person in order to prohibit him from not relieving himself openly, he replied: It is none of my business if he did so.

Though people have toilets inside their homes and concerned authorities have made lately public toilets at different places of the city like roundabouts and busy public areas , they routinely come out and let their kids go outside from their homes for relieving themselves openly. We can not always cry and appeal to concerned authorities for evey relief.

We ought to be at least civilized enough and behavior like a human being in the society, and do not get nuisance for others.

Rameez needs justice

A ten-year boy named Rameez was recently martyred by Balochistan police when they conducted a raid at his home.

Rameez was shot along with his younger brother and died while his younger brother was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his leg.

Raiding someone’s home is not a bad thing, but direct raiding with firing without any critical situation is one of the worst habits that the Balochistan Police has adopted. The existence of Police is to save the residents not to torture and kill them.

According to a report, they threw a grenade at the home first and started firing while entering the home which caused his death and brutal injuries to his younger brother. A family member was also arrested.

Three days ago, Rameez’s family staged a rally to demand justice, but no high-ranking officials showed interest.

In fact, every day in Balochistan, one succeeds in finding a dead body as if we, the Baloch, are not part of Pakistan or we are not human beings.

Thus, I earnestly appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to give Baloch the rights since the Baloch are also Pakistanis.


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