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Remember Karachi

Karachi, being the biggest metropolitan of Pakistan, has its own merits and demerits of living. Karachi is famous for its street food and active citizens making it a vibrant and energetic city. But unfortunately, a host of problems surround the Karachiites at every step. Solving one problem gives rise to another. Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly given rise to many social problems. One of them is electricity shortfall and shortage of water. Lack of these essential resources is disturbing and its unavailability create obstruction in everyday life.
Another problem which tops the list is traffic. The people of Karachi don’t observe traffic rules due to which perils of major road accidents increases which may lead to life loss as well.
This beautiful city is now known for the unpleasant smell, open sewerages and heaps of garbage everywhere across its streets. This gives rise to land and water pollution along with many dangerous and lethal diseases. Apart from this, the root cause for the above-mentioned problems is the education framework of Karachi. Its literacy rate is not compelling thus leaving us questioning why the authorities aren’t concerned about it?
Through your newspaper, I would request government to analyse these problems and find a better solution for them before time slips away from our hands.

Muslim by name only?

My name is Abdul Samad. The Islamic meaning of my name is slave of the Carefree i.e Allah. I was born in a Muslim family. Do both the above referred attributes entitle me to have a claim over myself that I am a true Muslim? A true Muslim is the one who abides by the Commandments of Allah in letter and spirit without really daring to defy them. In the light of the above definition of a true Muslim, can I now still claim that I am a true Muslim?
I tell lies frequently on a daily basis. I believe in dishonesty, cheating and corruption in my daily routine matters. I indulge myself in wine and adultery. I charge interest from the persons to whom I give loans. I usurp willfully the rights of both Almighty Allah and His created human beings. I believe in feuds and killing of innocent persons for my vested interests. I believe in greed and materialistic approach, etc. If I am involved in all sorts of the above referred vices, then I must say that I am not a true Muslim. I am a Muslim by name only and not by my actions (pious).
The holding of Muslim names such as Abdullah (slave of Allah), Abdul Qadir (slave of the Mighty), Abdul Rehman (slave of the Merciful), Din Muhammad, etc.does not entitle a Muslim to absolve itself of adopting true teachings of Islam in his life. In other words, we are Muslims by name only and have considerably failed to perform all our mundane and religious activities according to the professed and written teachings of Islam.
Since Allama Iqbal had lived in the West during his studies there i.e England and Germany, he had closely watched the system and way of life of Westerners. On his return to the sub-continent after the completion of his studies, he said that “In the West, I saw Islam but no Muslims and in the East, I found Muslims but no Islam.”
Merely taking birth in a Muslim family and holding a pure Muslim name do not give a green signal to a person for calling himself/herself a true Muslim. For being the same, we all have to fulfil all the Commandments of Almighty Allah.
I pray to Almighty Allah that a good sense prevails to us all and we start living our lives according to the path that has been shown to us by Almighty Allah and His Last Messenger (PBUH).

Thalassemia Centres

Thalassemia is a major health concern in Pakistan as about one in ten of all childhood deaths in the country are due to this genetic blood disorder. Keeping this in mind, the decision by the Punjab government to establish state-of-the-art Thalassemia Centres in Paediatric Ward of every DHQ hospital in the province is welcoming.
According to details, these centres will be equipped with all the diagnostic facilities and will also cover curative aspect through provision of injections and other needful medication. While the government is playing its part, it is equally important for the media to spread awareness to prevent this disease by carrier detection and avoiding in-family marriages.
It is hoped that the decision by the government would help reduce infant mortality rate in Pakistan generally and Punjab particularly.

Gender discrimination

The term “Gender discrimination” is defined as ‘ The unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice.’ Islam, teaches us about gender equality, rights, that men and women have. The last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in his last sermon, precisely proclaims that every individual has the right and Islam, the religion of peace, does not allow to snatch females’ rights and be confined, restricting from their freedom.
But sorrowfully, we have forgotten the great verses and violating the rules that Islam has restricted for.
All those bequeathed indicated paths being spoiled by Muslim countries have now been adopted by Non-Islamic states.
Today’s Muslims have put extreme rules on Muslim women. In most families, women are not allowed to get education, restricted for doing jobs, can not go for outings. They are not allowed even to step foot outside without veil and Hijab. Is that the freedom they had been given?
Without hesitating, the conditions of Muslim women are vulnerable and are in jeopardy more than the Non Islamic countries as negatively expressed.
The misery of a girl child starts from the day she gets birth. As it can be observed that when a boy gets birth, the whole family celebrates and distributes sweets to whole society and neighborhood. But when a girl gets birth, family feels her a burden and worries about the societal reflections.
Besides, the recent World Economic Forum report declares that Pakistan is the second worst country for women in the world. It ranks 148 out of 149 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index 2018.
From home to office, almost every woman is disturbed physically and mentally. We have now been habitual of hearing news regarding sexual harassment and rape of teenagers and minor girls. But I was truly flabbergasted when I came through a news that a 9 month baby was raped. The conscience and humanity have far been vanished. Is it not the peak of barbarism?
Additionally, Pakistan is completely failed to create a safe environment for women. Let’s focus on some factual and fragmentation. Initially, the denial of co-education persists a negative image that parents and authorities themselves are putting the foundation of discrimination. In co-education, students will understand each other’s genders, their rights and priorities but look how unfortunate we are that our own system brought the wall between them and never let the two mindsets annexed.
Moreover, Muslim schools in most countries including Pakistan do not let girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished. What remains for the devastated mind more?
Secondly, in most parts of the rural areas of Pakistan, specially in Sindh and Balochistan, girl child is forced to get married even before 10 to 14 years. As because their bodies are immature for the pregnancy, they suffer severe pain and generally result death. They are children themselves yet. How can they bear the responsibility of mothers. This period exclusively witnesses entertainment and getting education. This is probably the apex of human rights violation.
Concurrently, the sexual assault and regressive cultural attitude keep them from performing to their full potential or out of the work for entirely. Where to go? Beneath the earth or above the sky?
A UN report finds that around 48 pc of women and girls between ages 15 and 49 have no say in decision about their own health. It is a certain jerk that makes most of the analysts and activists ponder over.
On the other side, women are taken works as if they are robots. From kitchen to sweeping, all the works are on women. In European countries, if wife is not at home at the moment, husband works in place of his wife. But in Muslim countries alike Pakistan, it is meant an insult and disgrace if man sweeps or cook food etc.
Muslim world must acknowledge the prosperity is within keeping all equal. It is women that brought nations up because they contribute a dynamic role in the society. We usually claim our failures the reason of European conspiracies but is totally a myth and negate the reality. We should have learned lesson from our( Muslim world) downfall that once ruled the world.

World children’s day

World Children’s Day is always celebrated on 20th November every year to highlight their neglected rights by the authorities. Actually, the children are the future of every nation and every country.
But in our country Pakistan, especially in Balochistan province, children are seen begging on the streets, in the markets and some holding plastics and collecting bottles instead of having school bags.
One wonders how a country can progress, if its children are being neglected all the time. Education is made one of the most essential and free of cost rights of the Pakistani children, constitutionally but what has been happening in Pakistan speaks volumes about the rights of our children.
Authorities are earnestly requested to take tangible steps to ensure that children’s rights are safeguarded properly.

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