Oman-Japanese twin show was like a fresh puff of air


Salahuddin Haider

RARE, rather unique in character, but happened in Karachi this time. The 49th Oman national day was celebrated with great perfection by the Sulatanate’s consul general Mohammad Nasser Hamed Al-Mabsali ata local hotel and simultaneously the Japanese consulate general held Japanese festival of dance, music, fun and frolic to provide substantial relief and comfort to Karachiites, who for years have been victim of suffocation, but now that air is almost clear, and terrorism has substantially been controlled, such relaxing functions are a tremendous relief to the citizenry of Pakistan’s mega and mosy populated city.
Normally, consulates generals avoid clashing dates, and through mutual understanding accommodate each other’s requirements to have each one of these relaxed atmosphere. But this time, it was different, but refreshing. The Oman national day was a great occasion.
Consul general Nasse Hamed,, alongwith his team of half a dozen senior officials, warmly greeted guests at the entry point of the hotel’s marquee and inside large number of guests were treated to delightful cuisine, after ceremonial national anthems of the two countries, and cake cutting was over. What was impressive was the punctuality of timing which is difficult to observe in Pakistani social system.
But right on dot, dinner was served, which showed remarkable training of people of Oman, and the officers by Sultan Qaboos, who himself is a model of sincerity, polished behavior and a great ruler for his people, ensuring their welfare from the depth of his heart.
The CEO of Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik was there too with his lovely wife. Prominent among them were business elite, consuls generals from Gulf Cooperation Council States like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrein, Qatar, and from European countries like France, USA, Germany, from Japan, Sri Lanka.
American Deputy consul general Jack Hilmeyer is a new addition, coming in place of fascinating personality Darrian Kary, Jimmy and wife Jennifer were there. It was surprising to see Japanese consul general Toshikazu Isomura with his lofely wife in tradition Kimono at the function, for Japanese consulate at the same time was having Japanese festival of Suran Bush dance, martial arts demonstration, arts competition, Japanese Wadalko drum performance, Yukata Fashion showand musical concert by “Trio Zipang” and sushi demonstration, the famous Japanese delight. The consul general took time from his tight schedule of performance at a local hotel and after meeting people, returned to the show, which continued till 930 p.m. almost of five hours duration. It was great show of courtesy by Isomura.

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